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6 Letter Words Starting With a


To explore 6 letter words starting with ‘aardvark’ with a focus on ‘abacus’ and ‘adrift’. Discover the unique characteristics of each word, their meanings, and how they can be used in different contexts.


An Ancient Counting Tool:

The ‘calculating tool’ consisting of beads or playing pieces, moved on wires or rods has been used since ancient times. This tool has various names depending on the location and application. One such name is ‘Abacus’.

A table with columns and rows displaying the Abacus:

1 5 10 50 100

The above table represents an Abacus. The columns represent units, fives, tens, fifties and hundreds respectively. The user can move the beads to count. For example, moving a bead under the five column from the left to right means adding five to the value.

Unique details worth noting about this efficient calculating tool are its cultural significance, as it’s still in use in many places including China and Japan. Another unique feature is its ability to help users perform calculations for simple math problems faster than a traditional calculator.

Pro Tip: Using an abacus teaches better mental maths skills by strengthening one’s knowledge of arithmetic operations.

After being adrift at sea for days, I realized that the only thing worse than being stranded with a volleyball for company is being stranded with an aardvark.


Floating aimlessly without direction or control, lost at sea with no land in sight. This chaos often befalls seafarers who find themselves adrift on the vast ocean expanse. Surviving harsh elements and dehydration are at the forefront of concerns for people stranded on a vessel, bobbing in the waves.

Dangers of hypothermia and extreme exposure to heat can also lead to life-threatening consequences for those who are adrift. Hence, having access to survival kits and equipment is crucial for emergencies. Even with devices like GPS and navigation systems, unpredictable weather patterns can cause unexpected detours, putting people in situations where they might find themselves adrift.

In addition to posing a risk to humans, there have been instances where wildlife has also found itself adrift on random objects like floating icebergs or objects traveling with the ocean current. The most notable of these accounts is that of a Japanese fishing trawler’s netted 5-foot-long pufferfish off California’s coast before it was transported across the Pacific and sold into Sydney Fish Market years later.

Adrift has not only been a circumstance but also has been highlighted through various forms of art and literature over time. In one such instance, Kenneth Oppel’s “The Nest” revolves around Steve who feels adrift regarding expectations thrust upon him by society.

Overall being Adrift means being vulnerable while facing unprecedented challenges that require immediate attention for survival purposes.

I may not have the acuity of an aardvark, but I can still sniff out a good story.


To enhance your acuity in finding 6 letter words starting with A, focus on the sub-sections Aerial and Affect. These words can help boost your vocabulary skills and improve your word game performance.


With the advancement of technology and innovation, modern-day visualization techniques have significantly evolved. One such innovation is the perspective from above. Aerial viewpoint expands a new horizon for visualizing the world in diverse angles and dimensions.

Taking a bird’s eye view can unveil detailed information that would not be seen from ground-level observation. Aerial photography can enable mapping vast areas, identifying potential threats, monitoring crop growth, wildlife conservation and surveying landscapes for construction projects. Moreover, aerial surveillance describes remote sensing to measure natural phenomena such as earth’s temperature, ocean currents or even human activities like traffic jams.

This elevated perspective provides new insights on past events and geographic data. For instance, commercial territories present distinct borders with neighboring nations when viewed from aerial maps. Aerial photography also accurately depicts historical battles or other landmarks; this helps researchers study history’s entirety and obtain an in-depth understanding of past events.

In 1906, brothers Orville and Wilbur Wright accomplished their first manned flight that lasted less than a minute but unlocked doors to explore the heavens above us. Today drones are soaring at unimagined heights used for cinematography and emergency services making aerial imaging accessible to all.

Acuity may improve your vision, but it won’t save you from the emotional impact of bad news.


Marketers use various techniques to elicit specific emotions in consumers, such as using music or colours in advertisements. Affective responses can be positive or negative and have varying levels of intensity. By evoking positive emotions, brands aim to create brand loyalty and increase sales.

Furthermore, studies have shown that affect can impact judgement and decision-making even outside of marketing contexts. It can influence political beliefs, attitudes towards social issues and overall well-being of an individual.

Pro Tip: Brands should understand their target audience’s emotional responses and use it strategically in their marketing campaigns to create a strong brand-consumer connection.

Adjusting your acuity is like trying to focus on a distant object while drunk – it’s a blurry mess.


To adjust to new vocabulary challenges in 6 Letter Words Starting With a, you can learn to use words like adjure and advocacy. These two sub-sections in the ‘Adjust’ section will help you expand your vocabulary and improve your understanding of word meanings.


In legal circles, adjure takes on a more serious connotation, where it could refer to an individual being bound by an oath or making a solemn promise under the penalty of perjury. In this setting, the use of adjure stresses the gravity of the situation and emphasizes how important it is for individuals to keep their word.

It’s worth noting that while adjure often refers to commands given by those in authority, it can also be used in more informal contexts among friends or family members. For example, a mother might adjure her child to remember their manners before leaving for school.

Interestingly enough, The Bible uses this term several times throughout both the Old and New Testaments. In some passages, it is God who is doing the adjuring; in others, it is humans who are being called upon to obey.

One particularly striking example comes from Isaiah 45:23-24: “I have sworn by myself…Every tongue shall swear by me…Only in the Lord shall one say of me…” Here we see God insisting on being obeyed and calling everyone to make a pledge of allegiance.

Regardless of where you encounter this word, its message remains clear: You are being urged or commanded to act in a certain way.

Advocacy is like being a lawyer for a cause, but with less billable hours and more emotional investment.


Empowerment through Advocacy – Advocacy is the act of supporting and promoting a particular cause or agenda. It involves garnering support, creating awareness, and influencing decisions for positive change. Empowering individuals with the knowledge and tools to advocate for themselves is crucial in achieving social justice and equality. Through advocacy, marginalized communities can have a voice in decision-making processes, access to resources, and improved quality of life.

The power of Advocacy lies in its ability to bring about systemic change by changing policies and societal attitudes towards specific issues. It can be utilized in various forms such as lobbying, activism, litigation, education, and awareness campaigns. The goal of Advocacy is not only to effect immediate change but also to address underlying structural barriers that perpetuate inequality.

Effective Advocacy must involve collaboration between affected communities, experts in the field, policymakers, and stakeholders. It requires strategizing methods tailored to specific contexts that adequately address the concerns of marginalized communities at local or national levels.

Advocacy presents an opportunity for individuals to positively impact their lives and communities while also creating meaningful changes for generations to come. We must continue investing our time, effort and resources towards empowering those who wish to advocate for themselves to create a just world where all voices are heard.

Note: Advent calendars are just like life, you’re excited to open them up each day but by the end of the month, you’re just left with disappointment and a lot of cardboard.


To discover adventurous six-letter words starting with “a,” look no further than the sub-sections of this section — “Amulet” and “Anchor.” These words can add an element of excitement and newness to your writing or conversation. Let’s explore each of these words in more detail.


Protective Charm

A Protective Charm, also known as an Amulet, is a small object worn or carried to protect the owner from harm or danger. It is believed to have magical powers and can ward off evil spirits.

Material Symbolism
Silver Protection against negative energies
Gold A symbol of wealth and prosperity
Copper Brings good luck and promotes healing

Interestingly, amulets are used across many cultures and belief systems with unique symbolism. They are often made from materials such as stones, crystals, metals and sometimes even written words.

Don’t miss out on the powerful protection that an amulet can offer. Find one that resonates with your beliefs or intentions today and carry it with you always. Protect yourself from harm and enhance your sense of security with a symbolic protective charm.

An anchor may hold a ship in place, but it’s your Advent calendar that will keep you anchored to the Christmas spirit.


An Advent is a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. It marks the beginning of the Christian liturgical year and encompasses the four Sundays leading up to Christmas Day. During this period, Christians reflect on the anticipation of Jesus’ coming into the world, emphasizing themes such as hope, love, joy and peace. Fasting and prayer are also observed during this period to deepen faith and strengthen spiritual connection.

It is believed that the modern concept of Advent originated from the fourth-century Gallican Church in France when Bishop Perpetuus established a period of fasting before Christmas. Later in Rome, Advent was extended to six weeks, including forty days of Lent-like fasting. Over time, it became more focused on spiritual preparation through meditation and prayer, invoking feelings of repentance and renewal.

Advent traditions differ depending on cultural backgrounds and religious practices. Some include lighting candles on an Advent wreath or calendar with daily devotions while others may conduct processions or Nativity plays to remember biblical events leading up to Christ’s birth. Regardless of how one observes it, Advent serves as a reminder to renew our commitment to God by embracing humility, faithfulness, selflessness and care for others.
Love thy neighbor as thyself, unless they’re the type to start playing Christmas music in November.


To unlock the potential of ‘Agape’ with ‘6 Letter Words Starting With a’, there are a few sub-sections that you need to explore. ‘Albeit’ and ‘Albino’ are the two subsets that can take your word game to the next level. Discover the magic of these six letter words to ace the art of vocabulary building.


Although the following subject may invoke a sense of familiarity, it is essential to delve deeper and explore its intricacies. Within the realm of human affection, there exists ‘Agape’. This concept refers to an unconditional love that transcends any shortcomings or faults. It represents selflessness, empathy and altruism without expecting anything in return. Agape is not limited by biological ties or social norms but emphasizes on pure compassion towards all beings. Its understanding urges us to become better versions of ourselves and coexist harmoniously with our surroundings.

The concept of Agape can be traced back to ancient Greek philosophy where it represented one of the four types of love alongside Storge, Philia and Eros. The early Christian Church popularized Agape emphasizing on divine love that God has for humanity. In modern times, the idea has been adopted by various humanitarian organizations advocating for equality, justice and peace.

To understand Agape further, we can take inspiration from individuals who exemplify this trait. One such personality was Mahatma Gandhi who promoted non-violence and compassion towards all beings irrespective of their ideology or religion. His life serves as a reminder that Agape is not merely an abstract concept but a way of living our lives with kindness and empathy.

Why did the albino get lost in the snowstorm? Because he blended in.


People with congenital absence or deficiency of pigment in their skin, hair and eyes are known to have a genetic condition. This unique inherited characteristic is referred to as “Hypomelanosis”. Being an albino patient makes one both visually distinct and particularly susceptible to certain health challenges such as skin cancer and visual impairments.

Furthermore, due to the genetic mutations affecting pigmentation and other factors, people living with albinism have vision deficits. They may be photosensitive or experience reduced visual acuity. They could also face social stigma at times due to misconceptions surrounding their condition.

Patients who suffer from hypomelanosis are individuals who require regular sun protection because they lack melanin. Melanin provides protection against harmful UV rays that can cause skin cancer and other disorders. A regular sunscreen routine, protective clothing, and hats all aid in adequate care for them.

Pro Tip: Daily application of SPF 30+ sunscreen regardless of weather conditions is recommended for albino patients.

“Almost winning the lottery is like almost being in love – both leave you with nothing but a feeling of bitter disappointment and frustration.”


To amp up your word game with six-letter words starting with A, turn to the section “Almost”. The sub-sections “Always” and “Amoral” are the solutions that you’ve been looking for. Find out how these words can transform your vocabulary and give you the edge in any conversation or writing project.


Through the lens of Semantic NLP, there emerges a perennial notion that holds true for all circumstances – an ever-enduring concept that has stood the test of time. This idea has been a fundamental principle in various aspects of life, ranging from the personal to professional domains. Its significance lies in its universality and completeness, making it an indispensable tool for success. Its importance is further accentuated by the fact that it serves as a guiding light during turbulent times, epitomizing resilience and steadfastness amidst challenges.

Focusing on this timeless axiom, we can appreciate its value in the business world. For successful entrepreneurs and professionals alike, this principle stands firm amidst change and uncertainty. It underscores the importance of anticipating challenges, staying vigilant, and capitalizing on opportunities that present themselves.

Going beyond mere surface-level analysis reveals yet another facet of this age-old adage – one that is rooted deeply in human psychology. At its core lies a foundational pillar upon which motivation and self-discipline are built. It fosters grit, perseverance, and unwavering determination through difficult times.

Indeed, this ageless maxim remains a vital component of many successful organizations that have demonstrated resilience over time. Be it their culture or strategy; it plays an integral part in shaping their identity and driving them towards excellence.

Research conducted by Harvard Business Review confirms that companies with strong adherence to this principle have proven themselves to be more innovative and adaptable in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Thus, it is evident that ‘Almost’ always falls short compared to unrelenting determination and persistence – qualities embodied across all successful individuals or entities.

When it comes to morals, I’m like a GPS without a signal – totally directionless.


Morally indifferent behavior without any regard to ethical principles or social norms can be referred to as ‘amoral‘. This behavior is neither considered right nor wrong and is solely focused on personal gain. Such conduct often challenges society’s values and beliefs, blurs the line between right and wrong, and can lead to destructive outcomes.

Actions classified as amoral can include manipulating relationships for personal gain, pursuing selfish interests without caring about anyone else’s rights, lying or deceiving others, or committing actions that are generally regarded as socially unacceptable. People with amoral tendencies cannot differentiate between what is right and what is wrong, hence resorting to self-serving acts.

It is crucial to understand that being amoral does not mean one lacks ethics; rather, it implies a person puts their needs before society’s well-being. Individuals with amoral behavioral traits may consider their conduct perfectly acceptable if it benefits them in some way.

It is important to distinguish between immoral and amoral behavior. Immoral actions explicitly go against societal standards of good behavior. In contrast, amoral actions merely violate no objective ethical principles but still hold the potential for harm.

Pro Tip: Amoral behavior can seem like a winning strategy initially, but they eventually lead to isolation and damage long-term relationships’ trust.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many six letter words starting with “a” are there?

A: There are approximately 1,697 six letter words starting with “a” according to Scrabble word finder sites.

Q: What are some common six letter words starting with “a”?

A: Some common six letter words starting with “a” are “always”, “amazing”, “asking”, “afraid”, “arrival”, and “almond”.

Q: Are there any six letter words starting with “a” that have a Z?

A: Yes, “Amazon” and “Azalea” are two six letter words starting with “a” that contain a Z.

Q: Can a proper noun be a six letter word starting with “a”?

A: Yes, proper nouns like “Amanda”, “Arizona”, and “Atlantic” are all six letter words starting with “a”.

Q: Are six letter words starting with “a” considered to be long words?

A: Six letter words starting with “a” can be considered medium-length words, as they are longer than simple three and four letter words, but shorter than longer, more complex words.

Q: What is the highest scoring six letter word starting with “a” in Scrabble?

A: The highest scoring six letter word starting with “a” is “abacas”, which is worth 11 points.

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