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Biz Markie Just a Friend


The song “Just a Friend” by Biz Markie is a prominent hip-hop classic that has been around for decades. Its catchy melody and memorable lyrics have made it a crowd favorite among all ages. This track transcended generations and marked an era in American music history. Here, we will look at the impact of “Just a Friend” on the hip-hop industry, and its lasting influence on modern music today.

Biz Markie’s unusual tone of voice and creative wordplay set him apart from other rappers of his time. His musical style was unique, which allowed him to connect with audiences across different genres. “Just A Friend,” which was released in 1989, represents everything that made Biz Markie legendary – playful lyrics, beats combined with old school samples, and his signature off-beat humor. The song received massive radio airplay and went on to become one of the most memorable performances not only by Biz Markie but by any rap artist to date.

Moreover, “Just A Friend” had significant societal impacts as well – it challenged masculinity within hip-hop culture by blending romantic storytelling within masculine characters’ norms. It also elevated the concept of ‘friendzone,’ bringing up how men have difficulty expressing their emotions and vulnerability in relationships with women. Given these nuances, the song became instrumental to drive conversations about social values such as gender roles and expectations in relationships.

Meet Biz Markie, the man who can turn any awkward karaoke moment into a hip-hop masterpiece.

Who is Biz Markie?

Biz Markie is an American rapper, singer, and comedian known for his contribution to the evolution of hip-hop music industry. He is a pioneer in beatboxing, who gained commercial success with his 1989 hit single ‘Just A Friend’. Beyond his musical successes, he has also acted in movies and TV shows and dabbled in various creative pursuits.

Markie broke into the music industry during the late 1980s when rap was becoming popular. Of all his works, ‘Just A Friend’ is considered one of the most memorable and successful records. He started his career as a human beatboxer for MC Shan before releasing his debut album Goin’ Off in 1988. It met with critical acclaim and helped him build a loyal fan base.

Biz Markie’s contribution to music had significant influence on later efforts including gangsta rap. His skill set helped him cultivate an iconic persona as a DJ and artist who experimented with different genres of music without sacrificing quality or authenticity.

According to, The Beastie Boys were so impressed with Biz’s vocal abilities that they asked him to provide beatboxing sounds on their seminal album “Paul’s Boutique.”

If Biz Markie’s ‘Just A Friend’ taught us anything, it’s to always double-check the relationship status before serenading someone with off-key singing.

The song “Just a Friend”

This track, famously known as “Just a Friend,” is a classic hip-hop song released in 1989 by Biz Markie. The tune combines rap and R&B elements and focuses on the theme of love. It tells the story of a man who falls for a woman who doesn’t reciprocate his feelings. He eventually discovers she has been cheating on him with a friend he introduced her to.

The opening line, “Have you ever met a girl that you tried to date?” quickly became an iconic lyric and played an essential role in making it one of the most popular songs in hip-hop history. As well as the catchy chorus, which features Biz Markie’s emotive delivery.

Equally interesting is how this song was sampled from Freddie Scott’s “You Got What I Need.” In addition to its chart-topping performance, this record has been covered by numerous artists in various genres. The tune remains popular today and maintains the same impact it had when first released over three decades ago.

If you’re looking for suggestions on similar songs, we recommend checking out other works by Biz Markie such as “Make the Music with Your Mouth, Biz” or “Nobody Beats the Biz.” This music provides unique perspectives on love while delivering smooth rhythms that are easy to vibe along with. Additionally, exploring more artists from that era like Rakim or Run-DMC could introduce one to similarly enjoyable tracks worth discovering.

Behind every great hip-hop classic is a story, and Biz Markie’s ‘Just a Friend’ is no exception – grab a tissue and get ready to hear the tale of a broken heart and questionable taste in women.

Background and Inspiration

The origin and influences behind Biz Markie’s hit song ‘Just a Friend‘ are intriguing and worth exploring. The track, released in 1989, has old school rap and R&B vibes with a touch of humor.

The songwriting was inspired by Biz’s personal life experience where he fell for a girl who did not reciprocate the same feelings. This inspired him to write lyrics that describe the pain of being ‘just a friend.’ Composed with catchy hooks and harmonious melodies, this song became an instant classic.

What makes it unique is the creative use of samples from Freddie Scott’s 1968 hit “You Got What I Need” and the melodic interpolation of the refrain “la-la-la-la means I love you” from The Delfonics’ 1967 track “La-La Means I Love You.” It gave the song its soulful flavor and redefined sampling in hip hop.

Mr. Spongebob Squarepants‘ himself, Tom Kenny, starred as Biz Markie’s best friend in the music video for ‘Just a Friend‘. The video satirized popular tropes of romantic comedies while still maintaining its hip hop edge.

Listening to this classic track makes one nostalgic for such songs that fused rap and R&B genres effortlessly. Don’t miss out on reliving this iconic track!

Even after all these years, Biz Markie’sJust a Friend‘ still leaves us questioning if our crushes are just stringing us along… or if we really are just that ugly.

Reception and Legacy

Biz Markie’s hit song ‘Just a Friend’ received immense acclaim and continues to hold a prominent place in the history of hip hop. The track showcased Markie’s unique style and creative lyricism, which was widely appreciated by music critics and listeners across the globe.

The success of ‘Just a Friend’ also established Biz Markie as an iconic figure in the music industry, with his influence being felt even today. He pioneered the use of beatboxing and delivered lyrics that were both catchy and relatable. In this way, he created an enduring legacy that resonates with fans all around the world.

In addition to its musical significance, ‘Just a Friend’ has also been featured in various movies and TV shows, further cementing its cultural relevance. It has become an anthem for many people, highlighting the power of music to bring people together.

With its rhythmic beats and memorable chorus, ‘Just a Friend’ is truly one of a kind. To fully appreciate its impact, one must experience it firsthand – making it an essential part of any true hip hop collection.

“Who knew a song about unrequited love could be so catchy? Biz Markie, you’re just a friend, but this hit will be stuck in our heads forever.”


Throughout the article, it has been evident that Biz Markie’s ‘Just a Friend’ is an iconic song that has stood the test of time. Its catchy hook and relatable lyrics have made it a timeless classic in hip hop music history. The song represents an important era in hip hop culture, where artists could experiment with different styles and sounds while still remaining authentic to their roots.

Furthermore, it is clear that Biz Markie was a true pioneer in his craft. His unique style and approach to music paved the way for future generations of artists who seek to be innovative and creative while staying true to their passion for hip hop. It is no surprise that ‘Just a Friend’ remains a banger that continues to captivate fans worldwide even after three decades since its release.

In addition, what makes ‘Just A Friend’ special is the impactful story behind the creation of the song. Biz Markie drew inspiration from his past relationship experiences, and this resonated with many listeners who could relate to the same struggles in their own relationships.

To conclude, through his creativity and unparalleled artistry, Biz Markie cemented his place as one of hip hop’s greatest icons. His legacy continues to inspire upcoming generations of artists and proves that timeless classics like ‘Just A Friend’ will always remain relevant no matter how much times change.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Biz Markie?

Biz Markie, born Marcel Theo Hall, was an American rapper, beatboxer, DJ, actor, comedian, and record producer. He debuted in 1988 with his album “Goin’ Off” and was best known for his hit single “Just a Friend.”

2. When was “Just a Friend” released?

“Just a Friend” was released in 1989.

3. What is the inspiration behind the song “Just a Friend”?

The inspiration behind the song came from Biz Markie’s real-life experience where he fell in love with a girl who only saw him as a friend. The song humorously tells the story of his failed attempts to win her affections.

4. What is the legacy of “Just a Friend”?

“Just a Friend” is considered a classic and highly influential hip-hop song that has been covered and sampled by numerous artists. It has also been featured in various films, TV shows, and commercials.

5. What other songs did Biz Markie release?

Biz Markie released several other albums throughout his career, including “The Biz Never Sleeps,” “I Need a Haircut,” “All Samples Cleared!,” and “Weekend Warrior.”

6. When did Biz Markie pass away?

Biz Markie passed away on July 16, 2021, at the age of 57.

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