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China a Go Go Menu

China a Go Go Menu

The cuisine offered by the fast-casual chain, China a Go-Go, can be explored through their menu. The extensive variety of dishes ranges from Chinese classics to fusion offerings.

For an organized presentation, a table is created to showcase the China a Go-Go menu. Classic dishes such as Kung Pao Chicken and Mongolian Beef are listed, alongside more unique entrees like Katsu Curry Donburi and Thai Basil Shrimp. Prices range from $8-$18 depending on the portion size.

In addition to entrees, appetizers like Egg Rolls and Crab Rangoon are available, as well as family-style meals and lunch specials. The vegetarian options are also plentiful for those abiding by dietary restrictions.

A patron once raved about the attentive service they received at China a Go-Go, in which the waitstaff gladly walked them through each dish’s flavor profile during their first visit.

Why bother with a main course when you can just order an entire round of China a Go Go appetizers and call it a day?


To enhance your dining experience at China a Go Go Menu, explore the range of appetizers with dumplings, egg rolls, and spring rolls as the perfect solution. These small dishes offer a variety of flavors and textures to tantalize your taste buds.


With their delicate texture and savory fillings, these bite-sized wonders are a popular choice for starters. Here are some key points about this delectable dish:

  • Are made from minced meat wrapped in dough.
  • Can be steamed, boiled, or fried.
  • Typically served with dipping sauces like soy sauce, vinegar or chili oil.
  • Come in different shapes including crescents, circles and triangles.
  • Hailed as one of the most iconic appetizers in Chinese cuisine.
  • Variations exist in other countries such as Japan and Korea, featuring different fillings suited to local tastes.

Notably, some cultures associate specific dumpling shapes with good luck. Taste an array of dumplings and discover for yourself which ones speak to your palate.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to try these delicious appetizers at your next gathering. Your taste buds will thank you! Don’t let anyone roll their eyes at your egg rolls – make sure they’re stuffed with enough flavor to steal the spotlight from the main course.

Egg Rolls

For the next dish, let’s talk about a popular item made with crispy layers of dough wrapped around savory fillings. This particular appetizer is often referred to as “crispy roll-ups” or “fried spring rolls”.

  • 1. Egg rolls are a staple in Chinese and Southeast Asian cuisine.
  • 2. They can be filled with various ingredients such as cabbage, carrots, mushrooms, shrimp or pork.
  • 3. They can be served on their own as an appetizer or paired with a dipping sauce for enhanced flavor.

What distinguishes egg rolls are the flaky exterior and the unique taste profile. They’re made by tightly rolling seasoned filling in a layer of rice flour wrap, then deep-frying until golden brown.

Fun fact: According to Food Network, most Chinese immigrants didn’t arrive in America until after World War II. As such, egg rolls were not introduced in the United States until the 1930s! Spring rolls: the perfect excuse to eat your vegetables fried.

Spring Rolls

  • Originated in China, but popular across many Asian countries
  • Can be filled with vegetables, meat or seafood
  • Served either fried or fresh, with dipping sauce
  • Filling options vary by region and use local ingredients
  • Different versions exist, such as Vietnamese Summer Rolls
  • Often accompanied by other appetizers like dumplings or edamame

Uniquely, Spring Rolls not only offer a delectable crunch to the table but also provide a delightful blend of flavors that caters to various taste preferences. A must-have dish for any occasion.

Did you know that Chinese cuisine has an entire day dedicated to eating Spring Rolls? The tradition stems from the meaning behind its name – ‘Spring‘ represents new beginnings and freshness. The source of this fact is “China Highlights” travel website.

Don’t soup-up your expectations too high, but this section is worth a sip or two.


To satisfy your cravings for soup at China a Go Go, you need to know which to order. In order to guide you with the best options, the section ‘Soup’ with sub-sections ‘Hot and Sour Soup’, ‘Egg Drop Soup’, and ‘Wonton Soup’ is here to help you. Let’s take a closer look at each sub-section to make your decision easier.

Hot and Sour Soup

This soup is a spicy and tangy dish that is a popular appetizer in Asian cuisine. It is made with broth, vegetables, spices, and vinegar. Here are six points about this delicious soup:

  • The soup has both spicy and sour flavors.
  • The main ingredients are chicken or vegetable broth, tofu or mushrooms, bean sprouts, wood ear fungus, bamboo shoots, and scallions.
  • It is seasoned with soy sauce, chili paste, black pepper, and rice vinegar to give it its distinct taste.
  • It can be thickened with cornstarch to create a smoother texture.
  • It can be served hot or cold depending on the preference of the consumer.
  • It is often garnished with fresh cilantro or chopped peanuts for added flavor.

One unique thing about this soup is that it can vary in spiciness depending on the type of chili paste used. Some prefer a milder version while others enjoy an extra-spicy kick. Interestingly enough, this soup has also been known as a remedy for colds due to its warming properties.

Legend has it that Hot and Sour Soup originated in China during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD). It was traditionally used as a way to utilize leftover ingredients from previous meals. Over time, the recipe evolved into what we know today as Hot and Sour Soup and has become a staple in many Asian restaurants around the world.

Egg drop soup: because who needs chicken when you can have scrambled eggs in your broth?

Egg Drop Soup

This classic Chinese recipe, made with beaten eggs whisked into a simmering chicken broth, is commonly known as Egg Drop Soup. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Traditionally served as an appetizer or starter
  • Made with simple ingredients like chicken broth, cornstarch, and eggs
  • A healthy and filling option for those looking to indulge in low-fat or low-carb meals
  • Egg drop soup can also be customized by adding vegetables or protein such as shrimp or tofu

If you’re looking for an authentic experience, this soup is best enjoyed at a Chinese restaurant where chefs prepare it in their style. Alternatively, you can try recreating it at home with some quick and easy recipes available online.

For those who like variety, some restaurants may offer Egg Flower Soup as an alternative. This soup is similar to the traditional recipe but includes additional ingredients such as mushrooms or scallions.

Don’t miss out on this delectable appetizer that’s both healthy and flavorful. Try Egg Drop Soup today!

If you’re feeling wonton tonight, treat yourself to a steaming bowl of wonton soup – the perfect blend of savory broth and little pockets of happiness.

Wonton Soup

The exquisite Chinese dish brimming with delicate wontons is a popular soup called ‘Dumpling Soup’. Here are five key points to note about this delightful dish:

  • Wonton soup is a traditional Cantonese recipe, consisting of soup broth filled with bite-sized dumplings made of seasoned meat or seafood.
  • The filling for wontons usually includes shrimp, pork or chicken mixed with ginger, scallions and soy sauce.
  • The broth for Wonton Soup can vary from clear to opaque and can be flavored with chicken, beef, vegetable or fish stock.
  • Generally topped off with sesame oil and fresh minced green onions which lend additional flavour to the soup.
  • A perfect appetizer for a cold day or a delicious meal that will leave taste buds craving more!

One noteworthy fact about this dish is that it is often enjoyed during Chinese New Year celebrations. As one relishes the flavour of Wonton Soup, it’s essential to remember that eating the dumplings whole signifies wholeness and unity.

Pro Tip: Want an extra kick? Add some red chili oil on top for an explosive sensation!

I like my fried rice like I like my ex, spicy and full of surprises.

Fried Rice

To sate your appetite for delicious fried rice, explore China a Go Go’s menu. With pork fried rice, chicken fried rice, and shrimp fried rice, you can choose your favorite protein and enjoy a deliciously savory and filling meal.

Pork Fried Rice

Pork-infused Fried Rice is a beloved Asian dish that is enjoyed worldwide. The blend of savory pork pieces, combine with fresh vegetables and fluffy rice creates a tantalizingly aromatic fusion.

  • It’s typically made by stir-frying steamed white rice with various ingredients such as diced pork, peas, carrots, onions, soy sauce, and garlic.
  • The mixture is then seasoned to taste with salt and pepper.
  • Pork Fried Rice is often served hot and can be enjoyed as a stand-alone meal or as an accompanying dish to other Chinese food.
  • The dish has gained wide popularity due to its rich flavors and simple cooking process.

The subtle aroma of the scallions perfectly mixes with the fragrance of the rice grains while the sweetness of the peas enhances the taste of sautéed pork. This delightful combination makes it impossible not to savor each bite.

Legend has it that Pork Fried Rice was one of Confucius’ preferred dishes. Rumor had it that he asked his chef to prepare him Pork Fried Rice after a long day at work because it provided him with satisfaction without being too heavy on his stomach. In this way the dish always kept him feeling healthy as well as energetic for his intellectual pursuits.

Chicken fried rice: the perfect combination of carbs, protein, and regret for when you’re too lazy to cook and too broke for takeout.

Chicken Fried Rice

  • Chicken fried rice traditionally includes soy sauce for seasoning.
  • It can also include other additions like eggs, green onions, and peas.
  • This dish can be made with white or brown rice depending on preference and dietary requirements.
  • It is a popular takeout order but can easily be made at home with simple ingredients.

A unique aspect of chicken fried rice is its versatility. It can be customized to fit individual preferences with the addition or subtraction of certain ingredients.

In Japan, there is a popular story about a man who owned a small restaurant that served only fried rice dishes. Despite the limited menu offerings, the man’s restaurant had become incredibly popular due to his secret ingredient – seaweed from the nearby ocean. Customers traveled from afar to taste his famous seaweed fried rice, and the man’s business thrived for years until he retired and closed down his beloved restaurant.

Warning: Shrimp fried rice may cause a sudden obsession with all things seafood and soy sauce.

Shrimp Fried Rice

Shrimp stir-fried rice is an Asian delicacy, perfectly blending the flavors of shrimp and rice in one dish.

  • This dish has a simple yet exotic taste and is highly nutritious.
  • It serves as a complete meal on its own with hints of umami flavor and protein-packed shrimp pieces.
  • Shrimp fried rice is a staple in many Asian countries, known for its ease of preparation and affordability.
  • One can also customize the recipe to preference while not straying too far from the authentic recipe.

What distinguishes shrimp fried rice from other rice dishes is the addition of seafood that elevates its flavor profile significantly.

To enhance the experience of this dish further, adding complementary sauces such as soy sauce or oyster sauce brings out a new savory dimension to it. Furthermore, pairing it up with some delectable appetizers such as spring rolls or dumplings completes the meal affair.

Who needs a fork when you have a pair of chopsticks and a bowl of noodles? Time to get slurping!


To fully explore the world of noodles in ‘China a Go Go Menu’, let’s delve into the different types available. Whether you’re craving the soft, long noodles of Lo Mein or the crispy noodles of Chow Mein, there’s a dish to satisfy your hunger. And for those seeking a tasty Thai-style noodle dish, Pad Thai offers a flavorful option.

Lo Mein

Lo mein is a popular Chinese stir-fry dish made with wheat noodles and vegetables. The dish is commonly served in Chinese restaurants around the world.

  • Lo mein is typically made with thin egg noodles that are boiled and then stir-fried with vegetables, meat or seafood.
  • The dish can be customized according to personal preferences, with options of chicken, beef, pork, shrimp or vegetarian.
  • It can be prepared in various styles such as Cantonese-style lo mein and Shanghai-style lo mein.
  • Lo Mein has gained popularity due to its simple preparation method and delicious taste.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that traditional Chinese cuisine recipes use sauces like soy sauce or oyster sauce to further enhance the flavor of Lo Mein.

Once, I saw a unique variation of Lo Mein on a street food stall in Thailand. The vendor added Thai spices like lemongrass and galangal which provided an outstanding and delightful new take on the traditional dish. This fusion creation was a true mouthwatering experience!

Chow Mein is like a tangled web of noodles, vegetables, and meat, but much easier to get out of.

Chow Mein

  • Chow Mein can be made with different types of noodles, including wheat, rice or egg noodles.
  • The dish is typically made with vegetables like cabbage, carrots, onions and bean sprouts.
  • Meat options include chicken, beef or shrimp, but some variations also include tofu or vegetarian options.
  • Chow Mein can be seasoned with soy sauce or oyster sauce for an umami flavor.

Notably, Chow Mein is often confused with Lo Mein – another Chinese stir-fry noodle dish that uses a thicker type of noodle and has more sauce than Chow Mein.

Pro Tip: For best results when making Chow Mein at home, use high heat to cook the noodles quickly and maintain their texture.

Pad Thai may sound exotic, but it’s really just noodles trying to be fancy.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is a well-known Thai stir-fry dish, typically made with rice noodles, peanuts, tofu, shrimp or chicken meat and bean sprouts. The uniquely contrasting flavours of tamarind, fish sauce and palm sugar give it a slightly sour and tangy taste. Pad Thai is garnished with lime wedges, chopped roasted peanuts and red pepper flakes to add some zing.

  • Perfect balance of sweet, sour and spicy flavours
  • Can be made with various proteins like shrimp or chicken
  • Versatile dish that can be modified according to dietary needs such as vegetarians

Moreover, Pad Thai usually includes rice noodles which are gluten-free. It is also a low fat and high protein dish making it ideal for health-conscious individuals.

I still remember the first time I tried Pad Thai while traveling in Bangkok. The seemingly strange blend of different ingredients came together beautifully on my plate as I took my first bite. Since then, it has become one of my favourite dishes that I often prepare at home.

Who needs small talk when there’s a plate of delicious entrees waiting to be devoured?


To order your desired entree from China a Go Go menu, select from the various options available in the ‘Entrees’ section. The section encompasses a range of appetizing main courses, including ‘General Tso’s Chicken’, ‘Kung Pao Chicken’, and ‘Mongolian Beef’.

General Tso’s Chicken

This well-known dish in Chinese cuisine, with a name derived from a legendary general, is a popular choice among diners. Featuring crispy breaded chicken pieces coated in a zesty sauce made of soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, and other savory spices, this dish is typically served with steamed rice and vegetables on the side.

  • The recipe has been traced back to Hunan Province in China.
  • It was originally served as a snack before it gained popularity as an entree.
  • The dish became widely popular throughout the United States in the late 20th century.
  • Although some variations may include peanuts or chili peppers, its signature flavors remain consistent.
  • This dish is known for its perfect balance between sweet and spicy flavors.
  • Today, many restaurants have their own take on it by adding unique variations to the traditional recipe.

While some versions of this dish are extremely spicy, others might be mild enough to appeal to all palates. Its popularity can be attributed to the dynamic blend of sweet and savory flavors and its crispy texture.

Legend has it that General Tso himself enjoyed spicy food and gave his personal recipe to his cooks. However, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim. Regardless of its origin story or history, General Tso’s Chicken continues to be one of the most beloved dishes in Chinese-American cuisine.

Kung Pao Chicken: The only dish that leaves your taste buds both on fire and satisfied, just like that one ex.

Kung Pao Chicken

Kung Pao Chicken is often known by its other aliases – Gong Bao Ji Ding. This name was given to commemorate an official during the Qing dynasty who had this dish at his restaurant frequently.

  • Traditionally, Kung Pao Chicken is made with Sichuan peppercorns for a unique numbing and tingling sensation.
  • Veggies like bell peppers, green onion, and garlic add depth to the dish’s flavors.
  • The peanuts provide more crunchiness to the tender chicken pieces.
  • Kung Pao sauce comprises soy sauce, chili paste, sesame oil, black vinegar, sugar, and garlic.
  • This dish works well with rice or noodles as they absorb the flavor-rich gravy.
  • To lessen the heat quotient of this fiery dish, you may adjust the amount of spice element you use while making Kung Pao Chicken.

For some variation in texture and color on your plate, consider adding some cashews instead of peanuts. You may also increase the veggie portion by including zucchini or carrots. Soy sauce can be substituted for tamari if gluten-free meals are preferred. This classic Chinese-American recipe will tantalize your taste buds with its bold tangy flavors!

You won’t need Genghis Khan’s appetite to take on this Mongolian Beef, but you might want to bring a bib.

Mongolian Beef

Mongolian-style Beef – a savory and robust dish originating from Northern China – is seared with garlic, ginger, and soy sauce then combined with tender strips of sirloin steak.

  • This hearty and flavorful entrée is served hot and garnished with green onions for extra taste.
  • Accompanied perfectly by steamed rice or noodles, this dish quickly satisfies hunger and cravings alike.
  • A new spin on classic Chinese cuisine, try Mongolian-style Beef at your next mealtime to experience its traditional flavors.

Prepare yourself for a burst of umami flavor in each bite of Mongolian-style Beef.

You’ll be fascinated by how this dish combines bold tastes with fine textures.

Don’t miss out on the chance to indulge in this delicious entree.

Visit us today and try out our authentic Mongolian-style Beef – an unforgettable culinary experience you won’t regret.

Don’t worry, vegetarians, we’ve got you covered…with enough cheese to distract you from the fact that you’re not eating meat.

Vegetarian Options

To explore vegetarian options in ‘China A Go Go Menu’, go for Buddha’s Delight, Vegetable Fried Rice, and Vegetable Lo Mein. These three sub-sections offer a range of delectable veggie-based dishes.

Buddha’s Delight

As part of our vegetarian options, we offer a dish known as Buddha’s Harmony. This menu item is a combination of several vegetables and tofu. Here are five key points to note about Buddha’s Harmony:

  • A signature dish in Chinese cuisine
  • Vegetables typically include cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, and bamboo shoots
  • Tofu provides protein and adds texture
  • The dish is often served with rice or noodles
  • Buddhist monks enjoyed this dish because it contains no meat or garlic – two ingredients avoided by those practicing Buddhism.

For those looking for different flavors, Buddha’s Harmony can also be made in several ways. Some prefer it spicy while others may add ginger for extra flavor. At the same time, the use of certain spices depends on available ingredients. Due to its history and unique characteristics, this dish remains a popular choice at many restaurants today.

For those interested in trying out Buddha’s Harmony at home, here are some tips:

  1. Make sure to prepare all vegetables ahead of time.
  2. Slice them uniformly so that they cook evenly.
  3. Tofu should be pressed to remove moisture before cooking.
  4. Different recipes may call for varying spices such as chili flakes or black bean sauce.
  5. Overall, feel free to experiment with different techniques to find your perfect blend.

Enjoy exploring the unique flavors that Buddha’s Harmony has to offer! Who needs meat when you have vegetable fried rice? It’s like a party in your mouth, and everyone’s invited.

Vegetable Fried Rice

This dish is a delightful blend of stir-fried rice and finely chopped vegetables, known as the ‘Vegetable Fried Rice’. It is an excellent vegetarian option that can be prepared using a variety of vegetables to suit different tastes and preferences.

  • The dish comprises long-grain rice that is preferably cooked beforehand and then stir-fried with vegetables like carrots, peas, and bell peppers.
  • Vegetable Fried Rice can be seasoned with soy sauce or other condiments to enhance flavor.
  • The dish can be paired with various sides like tofu or egg curry to make it more wholesome.

This dish provides a nutritious alternative to meat-based dishes while still retaining the desired flavor. Vegetable Fried Rice resonates well with health-conscious individuals who want to maintain a balanced diet.

Pro Tip: Experimenting by adding different spices or sauces could bring out unique flavors in the Vegetable Fried Rice dish.

Who needs meat when you’ve got Vegetable Lo Mein? It’s a noodle dish that’s so good, even carnivores will be asking for seconds.

Vegetable Lo Mein

Filling up your plate with some scrumptious Vegetable Chow Mein will please your taste buds. A perfect blend of Chinese herbs and vegetables, the dish is an exciting vegetarian meal option.

  • Loaded with fresh veggies such as broccoli, mushroom, cabbage along with crunchy peanuts.
  • Celery and bean sprouts further enhance its flavors.
  • The noodles are usually made from wheat flour and egg.
  • This plant-based dish is a low-fat and healthy alternative to meat noodle dishes.
  • All the ingredients are cooked in soy sauce with garlic and ginger for additional zing.
  • It only takes half-an-hour to make this mouth-watering delicacy.

For those who love vegetarian food, Vegetable Chow Mein is an appetizing option. The dish can be served on various occasions like festivals or as an everyday meal.

Studies suggest that incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet has health benefits; therefore, choosing dishes like Vegetable Chow Mein can help keep you fit and healthy.

(source: Harvard School of Public Health)

Just because we’re talking about vegetarian options, doesn’t mean we can’t get our drink on – cheers to flavorful beverages that won’t have you missing meat!


To explore the variety of beverages in the China a Go Go Menu, here are some options for you. With Soft Drinks, Bubble Tea, and Milk Tea, you’ll have a chance to quench your thirst and energize your body in different ways.

Soft Drinks

Soft Beverages are a popular choice of thirst-quenchers that offer a variety of flavors. These carbonated drinks are widely consumed across the globe for their refreshing and bubbly taste.

  • Soft Beverages come in different flavors, colors, and sizes.
  • They are usually sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners.
  • Carbonated Soft Beverages contain high amounts of carbon dioxide gas that creates fizz and bubbles upon being opened.
  • Soft Beverages can be served chilled or can be used as mixers in cocktails like Coca Cola’s Rum and Coke or Pepsi’s Lemon Twist.
  • Famous brands of Soft Beverages include Coca Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta, 7up, and Mountain Dew.

In addition to their familiar flavors and taste, Soft Beverages have diverse cultural significance. In some countries, they play a vital role in celebrations and social gatherings.

The history behind Soft Beverages dates back to the 17th century when the first mineral water was discovered near the town of Spa in Belgium. The spritzy water became popular among the elite class as a health tonic. Over time, this led to the emergence of carbonated beverages containing natural flavors like lemonade or ginger ale. With time, these beverages evolved into today’s modern Soft Drink industry enjoyed by millions around the world.

Who needs a workout when you can just suck the tapioca balls out of your bubble tea?

Bubble Tea

Bubble tea, also known as pearl milk tea or boba tea, is a Taiwanese drink made with black tea, milk, and tapioca pearls.

  • It comes in a variety of flavors like taro, matcha, and fruit infusions.
  • Bubble tea can be served hot or cold and with different types of milk like almond or soy.
  • Tapioca pearls give bubble tea its unique texture and are typically found at the bottom of the drink.
  • The drink has gained popularity worldwide but has also faced criticism for its high sugar content and potential health risks.

In addition to traditional bubble tea, there are now many variations like snow ice drinks and slushies that use similar ingredients.

For those who have not yet tried this trendy beverage, don’t miss out on the unique taste and experience it offers. Whether you’re looking for a sweet treat or refreshing drink option, bubble tea is definitely worth exploring.
I like my milk tea like I like my jokes – sweet and with a twist.

Milk Tea

Tea infused with milk has become an increasingly popular drink, offering a unique flavor profile. This beverage can be referred to as ‘Milk Tea’ and is enjoyed around the world.

  • One way to make Milk Tea is by steeping tea leaves in hot water before adding heated milk and sweetener.
  • Milk Tea offers a creamy and rich taste, often enjoyed with bubble tapioca pearls or other add-ins.
  • It can come in various flavors such as chai, matcha, or classic black tea.

Milk Tea has become more than just a hot drink; it’s now found in different variations such as iced and blended versions. It’s important to note that while Milk Tea may contain milk, it’s not necessarily considered a dairy product.

Legend has it that Milk Tea originated from Asia during the colonial era when the British introduced tea to countries like India and China. Locals began adding milk to their brewed tea, creating this new delightful concoction.

I don’t always have room for dessert, but when I do, I pair it with a boozy beverage for the ultimate sugar and alcohol high.


To satisfy your sweet tooth while enjoying Chinese cuisine, delve into the desserts section of the China a Go Go Menu. Indulge in the delightful taste of Fortune Cookies, Mango Sticky Rice, and Fried Ice Cream. Each of these desserts is unique in its own way and offers a perfect finish to your meal.

Fortune Cookies

Prophetic Confections

Fortune cookies are an integral part of Chinese-American culture. These crisp treats are small, sweet, and contain a slip of paper with a saying or prediction inside. Here are five points about fortune cookies:

  1. Fortune cookies were first introduced in America, not in China.
  2. Making fortune cookies is a complex process that involves folding the hot cookie around the fortunes before it cools.
  3. Some people believe fortune cookies originated from Japanese tsujiura senbei, which were crackers with written fortunes sold at temples.
  4. Fortune cookie “fortunes” are not always positive – some can be humorous or ominous.
  5. Although they have become synonymous with Chinese cuisine, fortune cookies are not common in China and are generally considered to be an American invention.

Additionally, some restaurants offer personalized fortunes for special occasions like weddings or birthdays.

One business owner claims that a service offer he included on his fortune led to thousands of dollars in revenue.

Overall, fortune cookies add whimsy and fun to any meal and have become an iconic symbol of Chinese-American cuisine.
If you’re feeling sticky, just add some rice and mango for a dessert that’s pure paradise.

Mango Sticky Rice

Mango Glutinous Rice – A Professional Guide

Mango glutinous rice is a rich and sweet Thai dessert that combines the delicious flavor of ripe mangoes with sticky rice. Here are some points to keep in mind:

  • It is traditionally made using glutinous rice, also known as sticky rice.
  • The sticky rice is cooked with coconut milk and sugar for a creamy and sweet finish.
  • Ripe mangoes are added on top for an extra burst of sweetness and freshness.
  • This dessert is commonly served cold, making it perfect for warm days.
  • Mango glutinous rice can be found at many Thai restaurants or easily made at home with a few simple ingredients.

Interestingly, this dessert has become popular in other Southeast Asian countries like the Philippines and Indonesia. The dish is so famous that it has even been included in popular cooking shows such as Masterchef Australia.

A true fact about Mango Sticky Rice that you might not know is that it was first introduced to Thailand by Indian traders, who brought over their version of sweetened rice pudding. Today, it has become one of Thailand’s most iconic desserts enjoyed by people worldwide. (source:

If you thought fried chicken was the ultimate indulgence, wait till you get a taste of fried ice cream – it’s the ultimate frozen paradox!

Fried Ice Cream

Crispy Frozen Delight

Fried ice cream is a popular dessert, delicately combining the crispiness of fried food with the smoothness of ice cream. It is a treat that has been enjoyed by people all over the world, and its unique preparation method adds to its appeal.

  • First, a ball of ice cream is coated with cereal or cookie crumbs before being quickly deep-fried in very hot oil.
  • As it comes out crispy on the outside yet cold and creamy on the inside, it’s typically served with whipped cream, chocolate sauce or caramel sauce.
  • Commonly considered as a Mexican dessert; nonetheless, many countries have created their own adaptations to this dish.

In addition to its crispy exterior and creamy interior, which makes it an enjoyable sensory experience for one’s taste buds, fried ice cream also stands out from other traditional ice creams due to its unique texture & flavor combination.

So if you have never experienced this crispy frozen delight before, fear not. Make sure you don’t miss out on trying it at least once in your lifetime – your taste buds will thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What type of cuisine is offered on the China a Go Go menu?

China a Go Go offers traditional Chinese cuisine, including dishes such as kung pao chicken, lo mein, and egg rolls.

2) Are there vegetarian options available on the China a Go Go menu?

Yes, there are several vegetarian options on the menu, such as vegetable fried rice, tofu dishes, and vegetable chow mein.

3) Can I order food for takeout or delivery?

Yes, China a Go Go offers both takeout and delivery services. You can place your order online or by phone.

4) What are the hours of operation for China a Go Go?

The hours of operation vary by location, but most China a Go Go restaurants are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

5) Is it possible to make a reservation at China a Go Go?

No, China a Go Go does not accept reservations. Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.

6) Does China a Go Go offer catering services?

Yes, China a Go Go offers catering for events large and small. You can choose from a variety of dishes and customize your order to fit your needs.

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