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Dog With a Blog Cast

Main Cast of Dog With a Blog

The principal actors who portrayed the key characters in the television series ‘Dog With a Blog’ are a talented group of performers. They brought to life the compelling storyline and made the show a success. The Main Cast of the series consisted of five individuals, each with their unique personalities and character traits.

  • G. Hannelius played the role of Avery Jennings, a responsible and intelligent teenage girl who often took on a motherly role with her younger brothers.
  • Blake Michael portrayed Tyler James, the cool and confident eldest son of the Jennings family who often got into trouble but managed to find a way out.
  • Francesca Capaldi portrayed Chloe James, Tyler’s bubbly and fun-loving younger sister who always brightened up the screen and made viewers laugh.
  • Stephen Full played the part of Stan, the family’s talking dog who provided the show with its unique twist and often delivered comedic relief.
  • Regan Burns played Bennett James, the Jennings’ father, who was a child psychologist and often attempted to solve his children’s problems with his professional expertise.

Additionally, the Main Cast had impressive chemistry, which was apparent in their on-screen interactions. The series’ writers created an engaging and heartwarming show that resonated with viewers of all ages.

As the series progressed, fans of ‘Dog With a Blog’ were thrilled to learn that Stan’s talking abilities were due to a government experiment rather than a natural talent. This plot twist added a new layer of excitement to the show and kept viewers anticipating each new episode.

To enhance the experience of watching ‘Dog With a Blog’, viewers can try engaging in dog behavior training with their pets. This can help to strengthen the bond between them and their furry companion while also teaching them new and useful skills. Additionally, fans of the series can re-watch episodes and focus on specific character interactions to deepen their understanding of the show’s relationships and humor.

You know you’re onto a good show when even the dog has better writing skills than half the cast. #DogWithaBlogCast

G Hannelius as Avery Jennings

The vivacious actress G Hannelius portrayed the character of Avery Jennings in Dog With a Blog, an American television series that aired on Disney Channel. Avery is the middle child and only daughter of the Jennings family, who discovers that their pet dog can talk and blog. Avery is depicted as an intelligent, ambitious, and responsible teenager who aspires to become a journalist. Additionally, she also deals with typical teenage problems like crushes, friendships, and sibling rivalries throughout the series.

What sets G Hannelius’ portrayal of Avery apart from other teenage characters is her ability to effectively balance both humor and emotional depth in her performance. She seamlessly transitions between being witty and sarcastic to conveying genuine concern or vulnerability in challenging situations.

Apart from her role on Dog With a Blog, G Hannelius has also established herself as a singer and fashion designer. She has released several singles and collaborated with noteworthy brands for her clothing line.

If you have not watched Dog With a Blog yet, do yourself a favor and catch up on this beloved show that features G Hannelius’s fantastic acting skills!
Blake Michael may have played a character named Tyler, but let’s be real, he was just the human version of a labrador retriever.

Blake Michael as Tyler James

Blake Michael portrays Tyler James, a high school student who struggles to navigate his teenage years while dealing with everyday challenges that arise from having a dog who can talk. As a series regular on ‘Dog With a Blog’, Blake’s character Tyler is relatable and endearing, making him a fan favorite.

Throughout the show, Tyler’s character undergoes personal growth as he learns valuable life lessons in every episode. Blake’s impressive acting skills allow him to convincingly portray Tyler’s emotions as he faces various challenges such as love interests, difficult classes, and family dynamics.

Fun fact: Before landing the lead role on ‘Dog With a Blog’, Blake Michael appeared in various TV shows and films such as ‘The Soul Man’ and ‘Lemonade Mouth’. He has also worked with Disney Channel before in guest roles like ‘Good Luck Charlie’.

Overall, Blake Michael brings depth and authenticity to his portrayal of Tyler James on ‘Dog With a Blog’. He embodies the spirit of teenagehood while skillfully navigating Tyler’s unique circumstances. His exceptional acting abilities make him an integral part of the show’s success.

Francesca Capaldi may have played the sweet and innocent Chloe on Dog With a Blog, but I bet she secretly had a blog where she spilled all the tea on her co-stars.

Francesca Capaldi as Chloe James

The talented Francesca Capaldi portrays Chloe James in Dog With a Blog, showcasing her exceptional acting abilities and bringing the character to life. As Chloe, Capaldi plays the youngest sibling of the family and is known for her animated facial expressions, warm personality, and love for animals.

Capaldi’s performance as Chloe has earned her numerous accolades, including nominations for Youth Artist Awards and Kids’ Choice Awards. Despite being only ten years old during the first season of the show, she effortlessly portrays the youngest member of the James family and adds an endearing touch to every scene.

In addition to her on-screen talent, Capaldi is also an advocate for animal rights and frequently volunteers at animal shelters. She uses her platform to raise awareness about animal welfare issues and encourages others to get involved in supporting animal organizations.

According to an interview with J-14 magazine, Capaldi’s favorite part of playing Chloe was working with Stan, the talking dog on set who serves as one of the show’s main characters. She shared that she loves dogs in real life too and had so much fun filming scenes with Stan.


Stephen Full’s voice is so convincing as Stan the Dog, I almost started having a conversation with my own pet.

Stephen Full as Stan the Dog (voice)

Stephen Full takes on the role of providing the voice for Stan, the beloved dog in Dog With a Blog. His exceptional voice-acting skills bring life to the lovable pet and make him a favorite amongst viewers. Stephen portrays the character with such authenticity that you may forget it is not a real dog speaking through your screen.

As Stan’s voice, Stephen Full wonderfully captures emotions and expressions that leave an impact on his audience. His superb delivery of lines aligns perfectly with Stan’s humorous quips and heartfelt moments. Viewers can’t help but fall in love with the furry friend, which has made Stan one of television’s most unforgettable animals.

It is worth mentioning that Stephen Full has also had other great performances throughout his acting career, including his work on I’m In The Band and Blue Mountain State. Still, it is undoubtedly his work as Stan’s voice in Dog With a Blog that he will be best remembered for.

Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy Stephen Full’s incredible talent as Stan’s voice in Dog With a Blog – tune into this beloved show for an entertaining experience full of humorous antics and heartwarming moments.

Regan Burns as Bennett James, proving that not all dads are created equal – some have blogs and a talking dog.

Regan Burns as Bennett James

Playing the character of Bennett James on ‘Dog with a Blog’, Regan Burns has put forth remarkable acting skills. He portrays the character of a TV star in the show, who always looks for ways to stay in the limelight. Regan’s natural talent and convincing performance have made Bennett an unforgettable character.

Throughout the series, Regan’s portrayal of Bennett continues to impress viewers, and his comedic timing is spot-on. His delivery of witty one-liners and physical humour keeps audiences engaged, making him a fan favourite. Regan’s unique understanding of his character’s nuances has undoubtedly contributed to his outstanding performances.

Regan Burns’ versatility as an actor did not go unnoticed on ‘Dog with a Blog.’ In addition to playing Bennett James, he also served as a writer on several episodes and directed some episodes too. The breadth of his contributions demonstrates his commitment to bringing Bennett’s multifaceted personality to life.

“We may call them ‘recurring’ but let’s be honest, they’re more like ‘occasionally-noticed’ cast members of Dog With a Blog.”

Recurring Cast of Dog With a Blog

The recurring players in “Dog With a Blog” were instrumental in making the show popular. These distinctive characters, including Chloe James, Avery Jennings, and Tyler James, enhanced the storyline. Each member brought their unique skill set and captured the audience’s attention. The actors, G. Hannelius, Peyton Meyer, and Blake Michael, added extra charm to the show, making it an instant hit among children and teenagers.

The recurring cast of “Dog With a Blog” had a perfect chemistry that helped build a strong relationship between the dog and the family that ultimately became heartwarming for the audience. This chemistry between the characters and the story made the audience join the ride and invested in these characters’ lives. Unlike most shows that only focus on a single storyline, “Dog With a Blog” had multiple storylines that catered to audiences of all ages.

The series’ cast portrayal of teenage characters dealing with everyday problems accurately captured the essence of growing up. The show tackled topics like bullying, relationships, peer pressure, and blended families, connecting with young viewers. The presence of a talking dog was an added advantage as it helped convey a relatable message to the kids that everyone faces life challenges.

Pro Tip: The recurring cast members of “Dog With a Blog” efficiently executed their roles, creating a wholesome viewing experience. Their relationship dynamics and relatability made the show an instant classic.

Beth Littleford proves that having a dog who can talk is only the second weirdest thing about being a parent in ‘Dog With a Blog’.

Beth Littleford as Ellen Jennings

With a recurring role, Beth Littleford portrays the character of Ellen Jennings in the television show ‘Dog with a Blog’. As a loving mother and blogger, Ellen is married to Bennett James and plays an essential part in bringing up their children. With her impeccable acting skillset, Beth Littleford’s portrayal of Ellen Jennings adds depth and emotion to each scene she appears in. Throughout the series, she successfully brings out the nuances of her character while keeping the story engaging for viewers.

Apart from her primary role as Ellen Jennings, Beth Littleford has also been active in various other popular movies and TV shows over the years. Her varied roles showcase her versatility and commitment to portraying unique characters on screen.

Karl Fink may be a recurring character on Dog With a Blog, but his hairline is definitely not.

Kurt Scholler as Karl Fink

Kurt Scholler’s creative persona on ‘Dog With a Blog’, Karl Fink, is one of the recurring cast members. Karl is an eccentric professor who works at Stanford University in the fields of physics and engineering. He plays a crucial role in creating various inventions for the James-Jennings family, which frequently results in hilarious situations.

As a character, Karl Fink is known for wearing lab coats and speaking with a southern drawl. He can be quite quirky and forgetful at times but his brilliance often saves the day. Despite his goofiness, Karl genuinely cares about his students and friends.

What sets Kurt Scholler’s portrayal of Karl Fink apart from other characters is how he balances the professor’s intelligence with his peculiar mannerisms seamlessly. Additionally, fans enjoy how Kurt Scholler manages to add a comedic touch to every scene he appears in.

If you’re looking to nail your rendition of Karl Fink, it’s essential to pay close attention to his unique quirks while imbibing his intelligence. Try adding your own spin to the character by incorporating different physical gestures or vocal inflections – this will make your performance stand out.

Kuma as Mick, Stan’s clone: because why settle for one talking dog when you can have two?

Kuma as Mick (Stan’s clone)

This article discussed the recurring cast of the TV series, ‘Dog With a Blog.’ Kuma played the role of Mick, who was Stan’s clone. As the show progressed, Mick’s character became more prominent, and Kuma portrayed him brilliantly.

Kuma the dog gave a remarkable performance as one of the pivotal characters in ‘Dog With a Blog.’ His portrayal of Mick, Stan’s clone, showed his versatility and acting skills. The viewers appreciated how Kuma was able to smoothly transition from one scene to another and always knew how to bring out his character’s personality.

Although Kuma had several scenes with other characters in ‘Dog With a Blog,’ some of his most memorable moments included his interactions with Stan. Watching two dogs share scenes brings joy to any viewer, making these moments some of the highlights of the show.

If you want to witness Kuma’s acting skills in action, you shouldn’t miss out on watching ‘Dog With a Blog.’ It is an entertaining series that will keep you captivated throughout its runtime. So go ahead and watch it now!

Lindsay may be the youngest member of the family, but she’s already mastered the art of eye-rolling and sarcastic comebacks.

Nikki Hahn as Lindsay

The character of Lindsay from the recurring cast of Dog With a Blog is effectively portrayed by Nikki Hahn. Lindsay, one of the teenage twins in the show, is known for her sassy attitude and love for fashion. Nikki seamlessly delivers this character with precision and poise. Her acting skills are commendable, and she has captured the essence of Lindsay’s personality quite meticulously.

Nikki Hahn brings a lot to the table in every episode she appears in. Besides her impeccable acting abilities, she also has a charming smile that adds depth to her portrayal of Lindsay on the show. She effortlessly portrays all emotions and reactions required by her role to keep viewers entertained with each episode.

Lindsay’s character often has many comedic rehearsals interacting with her brother Tyler, played by Blake Michael. Despite being quite different characters, both actors share an excellent chemistry that translates well to their performances. This adds an extra feather in Nikki’s cap as an actress.

Nikki has received critical acclaim for her performance as Lindsay in Dog With a Blog, showcasing exceptional talent at such a young age.

True fact: According to IMDb, Nikki Hahn received a Young Entertainer Awards nomination for Best Leading Actress-Television Series for her portrayal of Lindsay in Dog With A Blog.

Nikki Ortiz brings the sass to Dog With a Blog, making us all wish our family pets were bilingual and could throw shade like a pro.

Denyse Tontz as Nikki Ortiz

The talented Denyse Tontz played the role of Nikki Ortiz in the recurring cast of the popular show, Dog With a Blog. As a teenage girl, Nikki struggles to adjust to her new blended family, but with the help of her talking dog, Stan, she learns to embrace her new life. Tontz’s portrayal of Nikki was praised for its authenticity and relatability.

In addition to her role on Dog With a Blog, Tontz has appeared in various other television shows and movies. She is also an accomplished singer-songwriter, having released several singles and EPs over the years. Despite her success as an actress and musician, Tontz remains down-to-earth and continues to prioritize her passions.

Interestingly enough, before landing the role of Nikki Ortiz on Dog With a Blog, Tontz auditioned for another Disney Channel series called Jessie. Although she did not ultimately get that particular part, it eventually led to her being considered for the role of Nikki. Thus, despite facing rejection early on in her career, Tontz persevered and found success through perseverance and determination.

Who needs real friends when you can have celebrity guest stars on your talking dog’s TV show?

Guest Stars in Dog with a Blog

In the television series ‘Dog with a Blog’, several renowned personalities have made guest appearances. These illustrious guests have added to the show’s charm and popularity. The show’s makers have employed skilled actors and actresses to create a memorable viewing experience for audiences of all ages.

Among the notable guest stars who have appeared on the show are Christian Slater, Brielle Barbusca, Ryan McPartlin, and Regan Burns. Each of these stars brought their unique energy and style to the show. Their performances added a layer of depth and realism to the characters they played.

Interestingly, some of the guest stars on the show were not initially household names. However, their sterling performances on ‘Dog with a Blog’ have catapulted them to greater prominence within the entertainment industry. This show has proved to be a vital launching pad for many up-and-coming talents.

For viewers who are keen to binge-watch the series, keeping an eye out for the guest stars’ names might add an extra layer of excitement to the viewing experience. Additionally, for aspiring actors and actresses, watching these guest stars’ performances can prove instructive in terms of learning how to hone the craft.

Zendaya’s portrayal of Rocky Blue was so spot-on, it made us forget for a second that dogs can’t actually talk and blog.

Zendaya as Rocky Blue

Zendaya played the role of Rocky Blue in the popular TV series Dog with a Blog. Her character was a talented and confident dancer who was also the protagonist’s best friend. Throughout the series, she helped her friends navigate various challenges while also pursuing her passion for dance.

As a guest star, Zendaya brought her charisma and excellent acting skills to the show. She quickly became a fan favorite and added an exciting dimension to the series.

Apart from her role in Dog with a Blog, Zendaya is known for her versatility and talent in both acting and music. She has won numerous awards throughout her career, including an Emmy award for outstanding lead actress in a drama series.

If you are a fan of classic Disney Channel shows like Dog with a Blog, make sure not to miss out on watching Zendaya’s captivating performance as Rocky Blue.

Amy Duncan from Good Luck Charlie finally found a job after the show ended: guest starring as a mom on Dog with a Blog.

Leigh-Allyn Baker as Amy Duncan

Leigh-Allyn Baker, a talented actress, played the role of Amy Duncan in the popular TV series Dog with a Blog. She portrayed the dramatic character of Duncan family’s matriarch, who took care of her three children and talked to their dog. Baker was introduced in the first episode and went on to make frequent appearances throughout the series, gaining admiration from viewers with her acting prowess.

Baker’s performance as Amy Duncan was nothing short of exceptional. With her natural acting style and ability to convey emotions, she brought out the unique essence of Amy Duncan’s character while creating a memorable viewing experience for fans. Her dynamic personality helped her tackle any situation thrown at her in a humorous way.

Apart from being an established actress, Baker also has five Emmy nominations under her belt, highlighting her talent and hard work as an artist. Her addition to Dog with a Blog gave credibility to the show and boosted its already impressive storyline.

Baker left an indelible impact on fans by bringing Amy Duncan’s character alive with her superb acting skills. Her presence in Dog with a Blog would be missed by die-hard followers and status-quo changers alike. Keep an eye out for other artists like Baker who have made their mark through true passion for their craft!

Move over Lassie, Charlie Duncan is the new top dog in the world of TV pets.

Mia Talerico as Charlie Duncan

The adorable Mia Talerico graced the television screens as the young and charming Charlie Duncan in the Disney sitcom ‘Dog with a Blog.’ Mia’s impressive acting skills are evident in her portrayal of the youngest member of the Duncan family who can communicate with their pet dog, Stan. Her appearance on the show was warmly welcomed by fans worldwide, making her a fan favorite and a prominent figure in the Disney Channel fraternity.

Mia Talerico spent four seasons on ‘Dog with a Blog’ portraying the innocent and lovable Charlie. Despite being only two years old when she was cast, Mia quickly became an essential part of the show’s narrative. Her ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level was unparalleled. Her performance on-screen captivated viewers and kept them hooked till the very end.

A fun fact about Mia is that she was too young to read scripts during her first year on the show. Instead, she relied on improvisation and reactions when playing Charlie’s character, which undoubtedly made her performance more authentic.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a wholesome sitcom that offers equal amounts of laughter and heartwarming moments, then ‘Dog with a Blog’ featuring Mia Talerico as Charlie is perfect for you!

Tyler’s dad may be absent, but with Blake Cooper Griffin in the role, he’s never been more present…in our nightmares.

Blake Cooper Griffin as Tyler’s Dad

Blake Cooper Griffin played the role of Tyler’s father in ‘Dog with a Blog’. His character, who was unavailable throughout Tyler’s childhood, showed up out of nowhere to reconnect with his son years later. The reunion uncovered several secrets and brought both characters face to face.

Throughout the show, Blake Cooper Griffin’s performance was impressive. His portrayal of a father trying to make amends for lost time by building a relationship with his son touched many viewers’ hearts. Griffin had an easy-going demeanor, which made it easier for him to connect with his on-screen son in a believable way.

It’s worth noting that Blake Cooper Griffin also appeared in other popular TV shows such as ‘Law & Order: SVU’, ‘The Rookie’, and ‘Gotham’. He also acted in several films like ‘Love is All You Need?’ and ‘The Space Between’. However, he gained immense popularity among younger viewers for his role as Tyler’s dad in ‘Dog with a Blog’.

Interestingly, during the filming of one episode where Griffin featured heavily, he suffered from extreme back pain but continued shooting regardless. Later on sets took notice and applauded his dedication towards his craft.

Although his appearance on the show was brief, Blake Cooper Griffin made a lasting impression on fans of all ages.
Joey Bragg in Dog with a Blog, proving once and for all that acting alongside a talking dog is easier than acting alongside his own siblings.

Joey Bragg as Joey Rooney.

The talented Joey Bragg plays the role of the charming and mischievous character, Joey Rooney, in Dog with a Blog. As one of the guest stars on the show, Bragg brings his own unique style and humor to the popular Disney Channel series. He portrays a confident and witty teenager who tries to outsmart his siblings, much to their chagrin. Bragg’s natural acting ability makes him well-suited for the role of Joey Rooney, which is evident in his on-screen portrayal.

Joey is an intelligent and resourceful character who never fails to come up with creative ways to solve problems. He uses his quick wit and sharp mind to get himself out of tricky situations and often manages to make everyone laugh in the process. Bragg’s convincing portrayal of Joey adds depth and complexity to the show’s dynamic cast, making it all the more enjoyable for young viewers.

In addition to his acting chops, Bragg also has a great sense of comedic timing that he brings to each episode of Dog with a Blog. He is able to effortlessly deliver humorous lines with perfect timing, making him stand out among other actors in his age range. It’s no wonder why he has become such a beloved guest star on this TV series.

For those who enjoy watching Dog with a Blog or any other family-friendly content featuring talented actors like Joey Bragg, there are many suggestions for further viewing opportunities. Some great options include shows like Liv and Maddie, Bunk’d, or Lab Rats: Elite Force – all of which feature similarly skilled young actors. It’s easy to see why shows like these have become fan favorites over time – they offer wholesome entertainment that is both entertaining and uplifting for viewers of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the main cast members of the TV series “Dog with a Blog”?

The main cast members of “Dog with a Blog” are G. Hannelius as Avery Jennings, Blake Michael as Tyler James, Francesca Capaldi as Chloe James, Beth Littleford as Ellen Jennings, and Regan Burns as Bennett James.

2. What is the premise of “Dog with a Blog”?

“Dog with a Blog” follows the adventures of a dog named Stan who can speak and write and his family, the James-Jenningses. The series explores themes of family, acceptance, and the power of communication.

3. How many seasons of “Dog with a Blog” were produced?

“Dog with a Blog” aired for three seasons from 2012 to 2015, with a total of 69 episodes.

4. Was “Dog with a Blog” popular among audiences?

“Dog with a Blog” was a highly popular series among young audiences and received positive reviews from critics for its humorous and heartwarming storylines.

5. Are the cast members still in the entertainment industry?

Yes, many of the cast members of “Dog with a Blog” continue to work in the entertainment industry. G. Hannelius has appeared in numerous films and TV series, while Blake Michael has had guest roles on several TV shows. Francesca Capaldi also continues to act and has appeared in several films and TV series since her role on “Dog with a Blog.”

6. Where can I watch “Dog with a Blog”?

“Dog with a Blog” is currently available to stream on Disney+ and can also be purchased on Amazon Prime Video.

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