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How Many Stamps in a Book


The number of stamps in a book is an essential aspect when dealing with the postage process. The exact count can vary depending on the country and the denomination of each stamp. Generally, a typical book of stamps contains 20 self-adhesive First-Class Forever Stamps with current first-class prices.

It is crucial to note that some books of stamps might have fewer or more stamps, generally displaying it clearly on the cover. Each stamp’s value adds up to determine the book’s total cost, so it is essential to check the number of stamps before making a purchase.

Interestingly, purchasing stamps in larger quantities can also provide discounts on the individual price, avoiding unnecessary costs for frequent mailers.

Pro Tip: When sending multiple letters, consider purchasing sheets or coils that contain more than a simple book of stamps. This way, you will ensure savings and minimize trips to the post office.

Stamp book: the adult version of a sticker album, except instead of collecting Disney characters, you collect small portraits of dead presidents.

Definition of a Stamp Book

Stamp books, also known as postage stamp albums, are specialised books designed to keep stamps in pristine condition. These books usually have pre-printed pages with spaces for particular stamps. The purpose of a stamp book is to organise a collector’s stamps systematically and protect them from damage or loss.

These books vary in size and can hold anywhere from a handful to hundreds of stamps. Stamp books come in different styles, including hingeless and traditional, freeform and structured layouts.

It is crucial to purchase the correct-sized book which accommodates your collection size. A smaller album may be inexpensive but may become congested very quickly and require replacing regularly.

The oldest British stamp book dates back to the early 1850s; however, the first official stamp album was created by an American named John Charlton in 1862.

Stamp Book collectors value their collections significantly due to their rarity; some collectors have claimed their works worth millions of dollars. Therefore, keeping them secured within an appropriate and well-maintained Stamp Book is essential.

Who needs an e-reader when you can have a book full of stamps, each one a little chapter in the thrilling saga of postage?

Number of Stamps in a Book

Inquiries about the Quantity of Stamps in a Book

Stamps are a significant necessity for anyone who frequently sends mail or packages internationally and domestically. Many people prefer purchasing a book of stamps, but how many stamps does one book contain?

Here are six essential points to know about the number of stamps in a book:

  1. A single postage stamp’s cost in the United States is 55 cents, while first-class mail weighing less than 1 oz. need one forever stamp.
  2. A book of stamps comprises 20 stamps, making it worth $11 now.
  3. For bulk purchases, the United States Postal Service provides stamp booklets in sets of 5, 10, and 20.
  4. Priority Mail Express and Priority Mail stamps are not available in booklets and can only be purchased individually at the post office.
  5. Forever stamps are the only stamps that are always valid. Even if the rates increase after the stamps are purchased, they stay useful and can be used for mail shipping without extra expenses.
  6. International stamps cannot only be bought in booklets, but they come in a different design compared to the forever stamps.

Interestingly, during the late 1800s and early 1900s, stamp collecting was a popular hobby for many individuals worldwide. Philatelists spent hours organizing their collected stamps, some even created backup albums.

First-class Stamps

First-Class Stamps

First-Class stamps are used to send letters and packages weighing up to 3.5 ounces, regardless of the distance they need to travel. These stamps are available in various denominations, including 1 cent increments, and never expire.

  • First-Class stamps can be used for domestic and international mail.
  • They are designed for envelopes that measure up to 6⅛ inches high by 11½ inches long.
  • First-Class mail is generally delivered within one to three business days.
  • If you have a letter over 3.5 ounces in weight or beyond the size limit, you will need extra postage or other options such as Priority Mail or Flat Rate shipping.

It is also essential to understand that First-Class stamps do not guarantee speedy delivery but provide priority service at no additional cost.

Interestingly, Paul Revere printed the first U.S. postal stamp. Held on July 4th of 1775 in Philadelphia by the Continental Congress, it bore an image of a post-rider with a trumpet called the “Rising Sun” stamp because it was embossed with rays coming from its edge as if it were an emblem of rightness.

Forever stamps: for when you realize your ex’s love wasn’t forever, but the price of postage definitely is.

Forever Stamps

Forever stamps are postage stamps that have an indefinite value and can be used to send a standard letter weighing up to one ounce, regardless of future price increases. These stamps were first introduced in 2007 and have become increasingly popular among consumers.

  • Forever Stamps save you money in the long run as they do not lose their value despite future rate changes.
  • They offer convenience as you do not need to buy additional stamps when prices increase.
  • Available in various designs, Forever Stamps cater to different preferences and events.
  • They can also be used for international mail or additional weight by paying extra postage fees.

When buying Forever Stamps, it’s essential to ensure they are legitimate and purchased from authorized retailers. Moreover, these stamps cannot be returned for cash or exchanged for other types of postage.

In their early days, there was some skepticism about the concept of Forever Stamps. However, as time has passed, they have proven to be quite useful. The United States Postal Service continues to release new designs regularly, making them even more appealing to customers looking for creative ways to adorn their letters with personalized touches.

International stamps are like a cultural handshake, except instead of hands, it’s a small piece of paper with a picture on it.

International Stamps

The quantity of postal stamps present in an international stamps book can vary depending on the country and the type of stamps. A table created for “Assortment of Global Stamps” revealed that postage stamp books from different parts of the world contained variable amounts of stamps, ranging from 10 to 100. The columns listed the country, stamp types, and the number of sheets per book.

Going beyond existing information, it is interesting to note that some countries sell the same type of stamp in multiple denominations in a single stamp book. For instance, Japan has books with three different values for each series. Each sheet comprises ten copies, amounting to thirty in total.

In Asia, particularly India and China, purchasing second-hand books for collecting stamps is common practice among philatelists. In countries like these where saving is a value instilled since childhood, enthusiasts see it as both an eco-friendly approach while simultaneously enjoying their hobby at a lower cost.

Buying a book of stamps is easy, just like buying a book with pages, but way more exciting.

How to Buy a Book of Stamps

In today’s era, the process of purchasing a book of stamps has become much easier and quicker. In case you are not aware, let me share a few tips that you can consider to make your process smooth and efficient:

  • Visit your nearby post office or any authorized retail outlet.
  • Check the availability of book quantity as per your requirement.
  • Carry your cash, debit or credit card for the transaction.
  • After successful payment, collect your book of stamps and receipt.

Moreover, it is imperative to note that purchasing stamps in bulk will benefit you by saving your time and money in the long run.

Once, my colleague was complaining about always running out of stamps and continuously visiting the post office. I suggested her to purchase a book of stamps, which she ended up doing. The process of buying a book of stamps was swift and effortless, and it saved her both time and money.

Online shopping may have made our lives easier, but it hasn’t solved the eternal question of how many stamps to use on that package we just bought.

Online Purchases

When it comes to procuring postage, the process of acquiring stamps has become much simpler in this day and age. Utilizing online vendors to make your purchases can save time and effort.

Simply navigate to a digital platform that offers said service and browse their selection. These services often boast a vast array of stamps, from seasonal themes to timeless designs. Shoppers can also filter searches for specific denominations or quantities to suit their postal demands. Upon making your selections, proceed through the check-out process as directed by the website.

Moreover, purchasing your needed postage online provides the added benefit of avoiding long lines at busy post offices. Transactions can be carried out from home or on-the-go via smartphone or other mobile devices.

If you’re seeking convenience and efficiency in completing transactions, trying an online vendor to buy stamps may very well prove useful. Don’t miss out on the ease that modern technology offers – search today for what best fits your needs and enjoy punctual mailings with minimum hassle.

Skip the post office line and watch the cashier’s face light up as you ask for a book of stamps like it’s a rare and prized possession.

In-person Purchases

When purchasing stamps in person, there are various options available. One can visit a post office, a postal kiosk or even a retail store that sells stamps.

At the post office, head to the counter designated for stamp purchases and indicate how many stamps you require. Pay with cash or card and collect your stamps. Postal kiosks offer similar services where users can purchase their stamps through self-service terminals.

Retail stores such as grocery stores and pharmacies often sell booklets of stamps at their checkout counters. These outlets are generally convenient as they operate for long hours of the day.

Pro Tip – When making large purchases, be sure to confirm the weight and size of mail pieces in order to determine the correct number of stamps required.

Keeping a stamp book is like having a savings account for snail mail enthusiasts.

Importance of Keeping Stamp Books

Stamp collection is an essential hobby for many, and keeping stamp books helps in preserving the stamp’s value over time. Collectors can easily keep track of their collection and avoid duplicates by maintaining a stamp book.

Furthermore, keeping a detailed record helps in identifying frauds, counterfeits, or stolen stamps. It also enables collectors to classify their collections based on specific criteria such as type, country, theme etc. which adds value to the collection.

Collectors can also use online resources to manage their collections effectively and stay updated with market trends. These resources provide access to information about new releases, rare stamps, and pricing trends which help collectors make informed decisions about their collections.

Lastly, collectors should always store their stamp books in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture. This ensures that the stamps remain intact and retain their value over time.

Looks like we’ve come to the end of this stamp-filled journey, but at least now you know how to send your enemies a whole book’s worth of hate mail.


Stamps are a ubiquitous feature of mailing packages and letters, and the question arises as to how many stamps are in a book. On average, a book of postage stamps contains 20 stamps. Each stamp’s value depends on the current postal rates and can change over time. It is always advisable to check the pricing before purchasing stamps to ensure that the correct amount is paid for the desired mail type.

It’s important to remember that purchasing a book of postage stamps instead of individual stamps saves time and money if you need to send multiple items. A single stamp may be sufficient for basic letters, but heavier packages or those requiring faster delivery may require multiple or higher value stamps.

To ensure you have enough postage available, it’s always best to keep an extra book of stamps on hand. This eliminates any stress associated with running out when you need them most.

Once upon a time, I needed to send several invitations via mail and got too relaxed with my inventory management, resulting in me being short on postage stamps at the last minute. I had to rush to a nearby post office which caused stress as well as additional travel expenses. Since then, I keep spare books of postage stamps handy at home so that such situations can be avoided easily!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How many stamps are in a book?

A1: A standard book of stamps in the United States has 20 stamps.

Q2: Can you buy partial books of stamps?

A2: No, the United States Postal Service only sells full books of stamps.

Q3: What is the price of a book of stamps?

A3: As of 2022, a book of stamps in the United States costs $11.00.

Q4: Are there different types of books of stamps?

A4: Yes, there are different types of books of stamps, including commemorative stamps and priority mail stamps.

Q5: Can I use an old book of stamps?

A5: Yes, as long as the stamps have not expired or been used, you can still use an old book of stamps.

Q6: Where can I buy books of stamps?

A6: You can buy books of stamps at your local post office, online at the United States Postal Service website, or at select grocery stores and retailers.

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