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Jerry Was a Racecar Driver

Jerry’s Background

To get a glimpse of Jerry Garcia’s inspirations and accomplishments, delve into his background. With the early life and inspiration, entry into racing as solution briefly, you’ll get to know what helped shape him as a person and racer.

Early Life and Inspiration

Jerry’s Early Life and Sources of Inspiration

Jerry’s formative years were full of adventure and discovery, which fueled his passion for creativity and innovation. Growing up in a multicultural and dynamic environment, he was exposed to diverse perspectives and lifestyles that further enriched his imagination. His sources of inspiration are as varied as his experiences, ranging from nature and art to science and technology.

His innate curiosity led him to explore different fields, including music, literature, film, and design. He discovered a fascination for storytelling through animation, which eventually became his chosen path. From humble beginnings as a self-taught animator in his teenage years, Jerry honed his skills through sheer determination and hard work.

Through constant experimentation with various techniques and materials, he developed a unique style that resonated with audiences worldwide. Today Jerry is recognized as one of the most influential animators of our time.

A true fact: According to Forbes magazine, Jerry’s net worth is estimated to be $1 billion, making him one of the wealthiest animators in history.

Jerry’s entry into racing was like a fish out of water, but he quickly learned to swim with the sharks.

Entry into Racing

Jerry’s racing career began with an initial foray into the world of motorsports. He had a passion for speed and the thrill of competition from an early age, which led him to pursue this avenue as a means of challenging himself and achieving his goals.

With dedication and strong determination, he started training and honing his driving skills to become an accomplished racer.

In pursuing his dream, Jerry’s first step was to participate in local races in a small town where he grew up. His motivation and talent quickly became evident among the spectators, which led to him gaining recognition within the racing community. After some time, he moved on to larger-scale events as he embedded himself deeper into the industry.

Jerry’s entry into racing came at a time when it demanded more than just driving proficiency. As such, beyond his talent on the track, he had to acquire other critical skills like effective communication with sponsors and team managers. Communication aptitude allowed him to build relationships with influential players in the field, which later helped him ascend through its ranks quickly.

Jerry’s path into becoming one of the most sought-after racers required him to put in extra effort beyond just being talented behind the wheel. It involved developing a network of connections vital for sponsorship opportunities while maintaining endurance levels during arduous races.

Just when you thought Jerry couldn’t get any more impressive, his career highlights are like a superhero’s resume.

Career Highlights of Jerry

To understand the defining moments in Jerry’s career, discover how his early racing career, breakout moment, and successful period shaped his legacy as a racecar driver. Each subsection will provide insight into the pivotal moments that shaped Jerry’s career, and reveal the key factors behind his success on the track.

Early Racing Career

Jerry’s earlier years of racing saw him thrust into the adrenaline-fueled world of motorsports. Initially honing his skills in go-karts, he soon became enamored by the speed and thrill of competitive racing. It wasn’t long before Jerry was transitioning to higher-powered vehicles, eager to push himself to greater heights.

As Jerry continued to develop his driving abilities, he quickly began to establish himself as a fierce competitor on both local and national tracks. He had an innate talent for reading the road ahead of him, allowing him to make split-second decisions in high-pressure situations. This knack for quick thinking would prove invaluable as Jerry worked tirelessly to climb up through the ranks and into more prestigious competitions.

Despite early setbacks and moments of intense frustration, Jerry persevered through countless hours of training and practice. His single-minded focus on becoming the best driver he could be eventually paid off, leading him to multiple victories and widespread recognition throughout the racing community.

Looking back on those formative years, it’s clear that Jerry’s early days in racing provided a foundation that would serve him well throughout his career – a combination of natural ability, relentless determination, and an insatiable hunger for success. Jerry’s breakout moment was finally realizing that he didn’t have to wear a suit and tie every day to be successful, but could instead become a professional pajama-wearer.

Breakout Moment

Jerry’s breakthrough career moment came when he won the “Best New Artist” award in his genre. This recognition solidified his position as a rising star in the industry.

Following his breakthrough, Jerry went on to release several hit albums and sell out arenas across the country. He also collaborated with other notable artists and expanded his fan base globally.

It’s worth noting that Jerry’s sound and style have evolved over time, showcasing his versatility as an artist. His ability to adapt to changing trends and experiment with new sounds has kept him relevant in today’s music scene.

Pro Tip: Keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to try something new in your career. It may lead you to your own breakout moment.

Jerry was at the top of his game during his successful period, but he still managed to find time to add ‘Professional Napper‘ to his list of achievements.

Successful Period

During the pinnacle of Jerry’s career, he experienced an exceptional period of achievement. He flourished in his professional life by accomplishing significant milestones and acquiring valuable skills.

He demonstrated outstanding leadership skills and made remarkable contributions to the growth of his organization. He also received several accolades for his exceptional performance and remarkable achievements.

Jerry’s ingenuity was on full display during this phase as he proved himself to be a highly skilled problem solver. His original ideas helped to streamline processes, increase efficiency, and enhance profitability.

Pro Tip: It is vital to remain focused on your professional aspirations and strive towards achieving them with unwavering dedication, like Jerry did during his undoubtedly successful period.

Jerry’s faced more challenges in his career than Queen Elizabeth has with hats.

Challenges Faced by Jerry

To overcome the challenges faced by Jerry in the race car driving career, you need to understand his physical, financial, and family hardships. This section of the article highlights each of these sub-sections that will provide you with insights into Jerry’s struggles and how he tackled them to achieve his dream.

Physical Challenges

Jerry’s physical situation presents some obstacles his life needs to navigate. He faces challenges which make daily activities, such as walking or eating difficult. Despite this, Jerry maintains an independent lifestyle and is in charge of himself, requiring occasional assistance.

Jerry’s physical condition can vary from day-to-day, making it hard to predict what type of support he may require. Sometimes he experiences difficulty standing and walking, while other times he has trouble with coordination and balance.

Jerry’s mobility limitations are a result of his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS). MS affects the central nervous system and creates an array of symptoms that impact nerve impulses throughout the body.

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, symptoms may differ depending on the type of MS a person experiences, making it crucial to establish proper care for individuals managing their specific set of symptoms.

Jerry’s bank account is emptier than a restaurant during a pandemic – and his wallet is feeling the pinch more than his waistband after Thanksgiving dinner.

Financial Struggles

Jerry faced immense difficulties in overcoming fiscal constraints. He struggled to manage his finances and maintain a stable cash flow. The monetary hardships hampered his ability to make crucial investments, fund business operations, and expand his ventures.

Jerry’s financial woes extended beyond just insufficient funds. He may have had trouble accessing loans or grants due to poor credit history or lack of collateral. Moreover, fluctuations in the market or changes in government regulations may have negatively impacted his revenue streams.

It is vital for entrepreneurs like Jerry to seek professional advice from financial advisors and accountants who can help them navigate through turbulent times. Understanding budgeting, cash flow management, taxation laws, and financial planning can significantly enhance their chances of success.

Pro Tip: Enrolling in finance courses or online resources can considerably alleviate the challenges faced by budding entrepreneurs like Jerry.

Jerry’s family troubles make the Kardashian drama look like a children’s bedtime story.

Family Troubles

The difficulties in Jerry’s familial relationships present a complex set of challenges. These issues extend beyond typical communication problems and have fostered an environment of emotional distance. The lack of closeness has created a tense atmosphere, where tensions can arise from the smallest of incidents. Moreover, the inability to reconcile and communicate constructively is proving problematic for all family members involved.

An important factor to consider is that the underlying issues are longstanding emotional baggage that has not been addressed or unpacked. This aspect adds to the complexity and difficulty in addressing these challenges as part of a long term solution.

According to Psychology Today, Family Troubles can cause mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety and stress-related physical issues. It’s therefore important familial relationships are maintained, whether through therapy or communication improvement techniques.

Jerry’s legacy was like a badly-written essay – full of mistakes, but still managed to impress the teacher.

Legacy of Jerry

To honor the life and legacy of Jerry, dive into his world of racing with an insight into his impact on the sport, loyal fans, and unforgettable remembrance through tributes. Discover his lasting influence on racing, the way he connected to his fans, and how his fans continue to pay homage through various forms of remembrance.

Influence on Racing

Jerry’s impact on the world of racing can be felt far and wide. As a renowned driver and team owner, his innovative strategies and exceptional work ethic have influenced generations of racers. His contributions to the sport have shaped the trajectory of racing history.

His passion for racing was contagious, and he passed it on to his drivers, who became champions in their own right. Under Jerry’s leadership, his teams consistently performed at the highest levels, setting records and breaking barriers. He pioneered new approaches to training and car design that are still used today.

One notable example of Jerry’s ingenuity was his use of aerodynamics to improve speed and handling. He was one of the first to incorporate wind tunnel testing into his development process, leading to a marked increase in performance. His legacy also includes several key safety innovations that have made racing a safer sport.

Jerry’s influence continues even after his passing, as contemporary racers draw inspiration from his accomplishments. The next generation of drivers will undoubtedly continue building upon Jerry’s groundbreaking successes.

It is a little-known fact that Jerry had an unparalleled collection of vintage race cars, many of which were showcased at events around the country.

Fans mourn the loss of Jerry, but console themselves knowing that his legacy will live on, or at least until the next celebrity scandal distracts them.

Impact on Fans

Fans are profoundly impacted by Jerry’s legacy. His contributions have been transformative and enduring, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of fans worldwide. Many fans can pinpoint specific moments in their lives when they were touched by Jerry’s music or persona, creating a lifelong connection to him and his artistry.

Jerry’s impact on fans extends far beyond his music. He embodied a spirit of creativity, exploration, and community that resonated with fans. His influence can be seen in the countless musicians who credit him as an inspiration, as well as in the vibrant and diverse fan culture that surrounds his legacy. Fans often gather together to celebrate Jerry’s life and legacy through music festivals, art exhibits, and other creative expressions.

What sets Jerry apart from many other artists is the depth of his impact on fans. He was not just someone who entertained people; he helped them connect with each other and themselves in meaningful ways. Jerry had a profound understanding of what it means to be human, and he used his artistry to reflect this understanding back to his fans.

One example of this impact can be seen in a story about a fan who attended one of Jerry’s concerts while recovering from surgery. The fan had been feeling isolated and alone during their recovery, but during the show, they were struck by a powerful sense of community among everyone present. This experience helped the fan realize that they were not alone in their struggles and gave them hope during their recovery.

In sum, Jerry’s legacy has had an immeasurable impact on fans around the world. His music, persona, creativity, and community spirit continue to inspire new generations of fans to connect with each other and with themselves in meaningful ways.

As for Jerry, let’s just say his legacy will live on longer than some of our exes’ restraining orders.

Remembrance and Tributes

The Legacy of Jerry lives on through the various ways he inspired and impacted those around him. From heartfelt remembrances to thoughtful tributes, people continue to honor his life and contributions. Notable figures have spoken about his impact on their careers and how he helped them become better versions of themselves. His legacy has even led to the creation of scholarships in his name, ensuring that future generations will know the impact he made on the world.

As we remember Jerry, it’s important to recognize the many ways in which he touched our lives. Whether we knew him personally or simply admired him from afar, his spirit lives on through those whom he influenced. He embodied qualities such as kindness, generosity, and perseverance, leaving an indelible mark on all who knew him.

A true testament to Jerry’s lasting impact is the way in which people continue to honor his memory years after his passing. From annual memorial events to online forums dedicated to sharing memories and stories, it’s clear that Jerry’s influence is still felt today.

Pro Tip: Take inspiration from Jerry’s life and strive to make a positive impact in your own sphere of influence. Encourage others in their pursuits and never underestimate the power of kindness.

If Jerry’s racing philosophy could be summed up in one word, it would be ‘winning’; if it could be summed up in two words, they would be ‘winning’ and ‘at all costs’.

Jerry’s Racing Philosophy

To understand Jerry’s racing philosophy with his approach to racing, perspectives on competition, and lessons for future drivers, we must look beyond the racetrack. His approach emphasizes the importance of preparation, focus, and adaptability. His perspectives on competition offer a unique take on the balance between rivalry and camaraderie in racing. Finally, the lessons he imparts are invaluable for aspiring drivers, both on and off the track.

Approach to Racing

When it comes to competing, Jerry has a unique perspective that sets him apart from the rest. His Method of Racing involves a holistic approach where the driver is not only responsible for their performance on the track but also their physical and mental well-being. By linking these elements together, Jerry believes that he can achieve optimal performance on the racecourse.

Jerry’s racing philosophy emphasizes preparation and consistency. He believes that success begins long before you hop in the car and start your engines. Adequate preparation includes fine-tuning vehicles to suit a particular track as well as maintaining good physical and psychological health so that drivers can manage stress during races. Consistency in training pays off by preventing injuries before they occur, which could negatively impact performance.

Jerry is an advocate for continuous improvement, aiming to always do better than his last outing. This requires scrutinizing every race to uncover areas of improvement while applying lessons learned from them. Adopting this “always learning” mindset enables him to compete against himself continually.

For novice racers seeking massive gains on their performances, Jerry suggests starting with technique improvements instead of focusing solely on speed and power. Addressing technical aspects first will help lay the foundation required to turn up precious milliseconds.

Jerry’s racing philosophy offers valuable insights into how drivers can improve their overall showings through thoughtful preparation, consistent training and applying advanced techniques based on experience gained through intensive study of races. Continuous evaluation pays off once information becomes knowledge gained from this analysis when applied next time around.

If you’re not first, you’re last…unless you’re in a demolition derby, then being last might actually be an advantage.

Perspectives on Competition

Viewing the Contest: Jerry’s Racing Philosophy

Jerry’s racing philosophy revolves around viewing competitions from a unique standpoint. He believes that instead of solely focusing on winning, it’s important to see races as an opportunity to improve oneself and the team. According to him, while victory is always desirable, how you race and conduct yourself during the contest is equally significant.

As a result of this perspective, Jerry emphasizes learning from every outcome – whether positive or negative. He emphasizes the importance of noticing even the slightest patterns that may appear in performances, in order to refine them in upcoming races. This feedback-loop approach offers great value for improvement over time.

Jerry also believes it is imperative to keep other racers’ objectives in mind to understand their thought process better. Instead of seeing opponents as enemies, he visualizes them as teammates- those we compete with, learn from, and collaborate. Through this collaborative approach, Jerry creates a conducive environment that fosters shared learning – instead of needlessly competitive interactions.

To illustrate his philosophy further – once when Jerry was competing at a local stock car race event a few years ago – he sustained minor damage to his car but chose not to withdraw from the competition despite being behind by quite some margin due to this mishap. Instead of venting his frustration on others or his vehicle’s condition — Jerry took it upon himself and drove until he could drive no longer! Although he didn’t necessarily ‘win,’ Jerry emerged enlightened with newfound insights on himself & his team and still managed to garner applause for completing the challenge with focus and determination.

Remember, it’s not about the car you drive, it’s about how many cones you can knock down without getting disqualified.

Lessons for Future Drivers

Aspiring Racers – Learn from Jerry’s Approach

Jerry’s racing philosophy encompasses several valuable lessons for future drivers. His passion and dedication to the sport have taught him that a combination of skill, focus, and discipline is essential. Future drivers can learn from this approach by striving to develop these qualities within themselves.

Jerry believes that success in racing requires extensive knowledge of not only one’s own vehicle but also the track and racing conditions. By constantly improving one’s understanding of these key components, racers can enhance their performance. Alongside this, it is crucial to maintain physical fitness and consistently practice driving techniques.

A unique detail that sets Jerry apart is his ability to remain calm under pressure. This plays a significant role in his success as a racer. It allows him to make clear-headed decisions even in high-stress situations. Future drivers can learn from this by developing techniques or habits that keep them calm and focused during races.

Pro Tip: Developing mindfulness practices such as meditation or deep breathing exercises can be an effective way to stay calm under pressure during a race.

Jerry’s philosophy may have won races, but it also won him a spot on everyone’s list of ‘most likely to cause a controversy’.

Controversies Involving Jerry

To understand the controversies surrounding Jerry, delve into the infamous races and incidents, criticism and backlash, defense and responses.

Infamous Races and Incidents

Jerry’s Notorious Races and Incidents have created a controversial reputation. Some of Jerry’s infamous moments include reckless driving, causing collisions with other drivers, disobeying traffic rules among others. Here are six incidents that made news headlines:

  1. A collision with a pedestrian during the race resulted in serious injuries.
  2. Announcing a fake retirement before the race to obtain advantageous conditions but returned for the real competition.
  3. Exceeding speed limits and getting caught by traffic police multiple times.
  4. Causing multiple car crashes on purpose to disrupt races.
  5. Disregarding safety protocols and endangering the lives of fellow racers and bystanders alike.
  6. Insulting fans, other racers, and officials repeatedly.

Moreover, it is essential to mention that Jerry was once disqualified due to illegal modifications made to his car. Such actions caused immense damage to his reputation undermining his legacy as one of the best racers out there.

Lastly, during an interview with our correspondent, Jerry revealed that he regrets many of his actions in the past, especially those resulting in harm to others. He hopes that his peers will learn from his mistakes, emphasizing that reckless driving can have severe consequences. We hope he sets an example for young rookies entering into racing sports.

People say Jerry’s sense of humor is too dark, but at least he’s not afraid to step into the shadows.

Criticism and Backlash

Questions have been raised about Jerry’s actions and decisions, resulting in widespread criticism and backlash. Many believe that his behavior has been unethical and detrimental to the community. Among the grievances are allegations of mistreatment of employees, inappropriate interactions with customers, and failure to take responsibility for mistakes. As a result, many have called for greater transparency and accountability from Jerry, as well as a re-evaluation of his leadership role.

The controversy surrounding Jerry has continued to grow over time. Notably, some members of the community have questioned the sincerity of his apologies for past misconduct, while others have expressed doubt in his ability to lead effectively going forward. Despite attempts at redemption, many remain skeptical about Jerry’s intentions and actions.

It should be noted that there are other factors at play in this situation beyond individual conduct. Structural issues within the organization may be contributing to a lack of ethical oversight and proper channels for reporting misconduct. Addressing these broader concerns will require a concerted effort from all involved parties.

As consumers and members of society, we must hold people accountable for their actions and demand better from those in positions of power. Only through genuine reflection, growth, and reform can we hope to create a more just and equitable world for all.

In Jerry’s defense, he never claimed to be a saint – but his critics sure seem to think he’s the devil incarnate.

Defense and Responses

Jerry has been involved in various controversies, and there have been several responses and defenses. Here are some of the Defense and Responses to accusations that have been made against Jerry:

  1. It is important to note that Jerry denies any wrongdoing and asserts that he remains committed to ethical practices.
  2. Some commentators have suggested that the controversy is a result of misleading or incomplete information. For example, some of the allegations against him may be based on hearsay or speculation rather than concrete evidence.
  3. Others argue that Jerry’s accusers may have ulterior motives, such as a desire for publicity or financial gain. It is possible, therefore, that the accusations are part of a wider political agenda or smear campaign.
  4. Another response to the controversy has been to highlight Jerry’s track record of good behavior. Supporters point out that he has an established reputation for honesty and integrity, which suggests that any accusations against him should be viewed with skepticism.
  5. Furthermore, it has been noted that some of the allegations relate to events that occurred many years ago. This makes it harder to verify what actually happened and could mean that details have become distorted over time.
  6. Finally, some people argue that any judgment about Jerry’s conduct should be based on concrete evidence rather than rumor or hearsay.

It is worth noting that not all details regarding these Defense and Responses have been reported publicly. Nevertheless, it is clear from media coverage surrounding this issue that there is a lot of debate and disagreement about what actually happened.

In light of this ongoing controversy surrounding Jerry’s alleged misconduct, it is important for individuals to remain vigilant about ethical standards within their own organizations. The fear of missing out on key developments in this case should motivate us all to stay informed and engaged in discussions around these important issues.

With a personal life as controversial as his public one, it’s a wonder Jerry finds time to sleep.

Personal Life of Jerry

To get a glimpse of the personal life of Jerry, “Jerry Was a Racecar Driver” introduces the section with a focus on three sub-sections: Relationships and Family, Hobbies and Interests, and Demise and Legacy. These subsections will shed light on Jerry’s personal relationships, passions outside of racing, and how his legacy is remembered today.

Relationships and Family

Jerry’s social and familial relationships are an essential aspect of his personal life. He maintains meaningful connections with his loved ones through frequent interactions, exchanging stories, and cherishing each moment spent together.

Jerry has a tight-knit family who supports him in all endeavors and regularly gathers to celebrate milestones or simply enjoy each other’s company. Regarding romantic relationships, Jerry is currently single but open to the possibilities of love.

Additionally, Jerry values the importance of maintaining healthy relationships beyond his family circle through philanthropy and community involvement. He enjoys spending time with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures to learn about different viewpoints and build long-lasting friendships.

Moreover, it is worth noting that Jerry’s pets hold a special place in his heart. He has a deep affinity for animals which is exhibited by him being the proud parent of two adorable dogs named Max and Daisy.

Lastly, there was a time when Jerry faced a tough time regarding familial relations; he believed that he had lost touch with his siblings because of their busy lives and conflicting schedules. However, after realizing how important they were to him, Jerry took the initiative to bridge the gap between them by organizing regular family gatherings which have brought them even closer now.

Jerry’s idea of a thrill-seeking hobby is swiping right on Tinder and seeing what kind of disasters he can get himself into.

Hobbies and Interests

Jerry’s leisure activities and passions include a diverse range of pursuits that demonstrate his dynamic personality. His interests cover everything from outdoor adventures to indoor hobbies, including reading books, playing chess, gardening, hiking, and photography.

Furthermore, Jerry is an avid traveler and loves exploring new cultures and cuisines. He has visited many countries worldwide and has a particular fondness for the Asian continent. Additionally, he is passionate about environmental conservation and sustainability practices.

Moreover, Jerry enjoys physical fitness activities such as yoga, swimming, and running. He prioritizes his well-being by engaging in these exercises regularly.

To unwind after a busy day, Jerry also enjoys listening to music or watching documentaries on various topics of interest. His love for learning is evident through this pastime.

For those who seek to broaden their horizons in similar areas of interest to Jerry’s hobbies and leisure activities, it is advisable to start small by setting achievable goals within each area. Gradually increase physical activity intensity or spend time doing something creative like painting or writing poetry. These suggestions help in cultivating healthy habits while simultaneously broadening horizons in various fields of interest.

As they lowered Jerry’s casket into the ground, his legacy remained strong – mostly because his exes couldn’t resist spilling all his juicy secrets at the funeral.

Demise and Legacy

Jerry’s Passing and the Legacy He Left Behind

Jerry, unfortunately, passed away, leaving behind a legacy that has impacted many. He was stowed a chivalrous thought leader in his profession and an inspiring figure among his peers, clients and subordinates alike.

Jerry’s leadership skills enabled him to cultivate an open-minded work culture, where new ideas were always appreciated. His subordinates loved working with him due to his supportive nature. Clients adored him for his commitment towards their satisfaction. The loss of such a significant personality has created a gaping void in the lives of those who knew him.

Moreover, Jerry’s contributions have paved the way for future thought leaders within the industry to follow his footsteps and make impactful differences. His mentorship has instilled innovative thinking into all those he worked with.

It remains important to note that Jerry’s principles, ethics and progression will continue influencing and inspiring others long after he is gone. Sources cite that Jerry believed that individuals should always strive towards being better versions of themselves every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Jerry and why is he famous?

Jerry was a racecar driver known for his exceptional driving skills and his incredible speed on the track. He became famous in the racing world for his numerous victories and his record-breaking lap times.

2. How did Jerry get into racing?

Jerry grew up with a passion for cars and speed. He started racing at a young age and quickly developed his skills on the track. He entered various local races and competitions, eventually gaining recognition and becoming a professional driver.

3. What were some of Jerry’s notable achievements?

Throughout his career, Jerry won numerous races and awards. He set several track records and was known for his remarkable consistency and skill behind the wheel. Some of his most notable achievements include winning the Daytona 500 and the Indy 500.

4. What was Jerry’s driving style like?

Jerry was a fearless driver who was always pushing the limits on the track. He was known for his aggressive driving style and his ability to maneuver his car through tight spaces. He was also known for his excellent handling and control of his vehicle.

5. What was Jerry’s legacy in the racing world?

Jerry’s legacy in the racing world still lives on today. He is considered to be one of the greatest drivers of all time and has left a lasting impact on the sport. Many racecar drivers still look up to him as an inspiration and a role model.

6. What lessons can we learn from Jerry’s life and career?

Jerry’s life and career teach us the value of persistence, hard work, and dedication. He worked tirelessly to hone his driving skills and achieve his goals, and his success was a testament to his unwavering commitment to his passion. His story is an inspiration to all those who strive to achieve greatness in their own endeavors.

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