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Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary Lyrics

Understanding “Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary” song

Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary is a Christian hymn that declares the believer’s desire to be a holy and pure dwelling place for God. The song was written by John W. Thompson and Randy Scruggs in 1982. Its lyrics are based on Exodus 25:8, which states that God wants to dwell among His people.

The song starts with the lyrics, “Lord prepare me to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true.” It expresses the singer’s request for preparation to become a worthy dwelling place for God. The next verse talks about cleansing our hearts from sin and selfishness because only then can we truly become a sanctuary for the Lord. The chorus repeats the plea of humility and surrender before God, reminding us that we are not our own but bought by His precious blood.

The bridge of this beautiful hymn proclaims that we should be holy as God is holy since He has chosen us as His dwelling place. We must therefore live in obedience to Him so that we can be filled with His Spirit.

To understand Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary better, one must recognize the song’s call to holiness and purity as essential qualities needed to be a worthy tabernacle of God. As believers, we need to strive continuously towards being more Christ-like in our behavior so that God can use us as vessels of honor unto Himself.

In singing this timeless classic with its powerful message, one has an opportunity to pray earnestly for God’s enabling grace in living righteously according to His divine will.

Thus, one practical suggestion when singing this hymn is doing it prayerfully into your private space or congregation. Praying while singing would help focus all your mind on making yourself right with God so you could embody his sacred presence fully inside you. Another suggestion is let’s try applying its message practically every day by committing ourselves prayerfully to live lives that honor Him in thoughts, words, and actions. By doing this, we can become praying tabernacles to God.

Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary Lyrics:

“Lord, prepare me to be a sanctuary
Pure and holy, tried and true
With thanksgiving, I’ll be a living
Sanctuary for You “

Because sometimes you just need a good hymn to ward off evil spirits…or exes.

Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary Lyrics

This article discusses the lyrics of a spiritual song that express a person’s desire to be a sanctuary for positivity and love. The message is about preparing oneself to be an instrument of kindness, empathy, and understanding. The song encourages the listener to open their heart and mind to others, creating an environment that fosters compassion and safety. It reminds us that we are all connected and have the power to make a difference in someone’s life. As we strive to be better versions of ourselves, let us sing along with these thought-provoking words and be inspired by their call to action.

The hymn ‘Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary’ contains powerful lyrics reflecting the longing of an individual seeking guidance towards fulfilling an altruistic agenda; becoming a harbor of peacefulness amidst chaos, love amidst hatred or malice – This is what it means for one like myself trying to live justly among others in this divisive world.

Furthermore, these words serve as motivation for believers who look up toward serving humanity genuinely without any discrimination; making every effort in their capacity not only individually but on a larger scale by joining hands with others/organizations working towards the same goal.

In case you were wondering, even if you haven’t heard the song and its powerful lyrics until now, it still wouldn’t stop you from feeling its message’s liberating effect. One can definitely benefit from giving it a listen while keeping an open mind and letting their heart identify with its humbling call-to-action.

Don’t miss out on such powerful lyrics adorning this spiritually elevating hymn that could bring forth change on this planet – words so precious that they themselves might become our guiding anchor leading towards a more compassionate society.

Finding deeper meaning in ‘Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary’ lyrics is like searching for a hidden gem in a pile of manure – difficult, but oh so rewarding.

Meaning behind the Lyrics

To understand the meaning behind the lyrics of “Lord, Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary,” focus on being a sanctuary for both others and God. By exploring these concepts, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation for the song’s message. The lyrics encourage listeners to prepare themselves to be a refuge for those in need, as well as a place of worship for God.

Being a Sanctuary for Others

Acknowledging and Supporting the Needs of Others

Creating a safe space for individuals to feel comfortable and secure is vital to helping them thrive. Being a source of safety and support, or a sanctuary, can provide much-needed relief for people facing various challenges. It means offering listening ears, empathy, resources or understanding to those struggling with difficult circumstances.

In order to cultivate a sanctuary for others, it’s essential to recognize their needs. Be mindful of your language and actions, show respect and make sure they feel heard. Providing practical aid like food donations or personal advice also goes a long way in showing you care.

It’s equally important that people who offer comforting spaces receive compassion themselves. Taking care of oneself allows one to continue providing a supportive environment for others.

One example is providing safe havens for victims of domestic violence in the form of shelters. These sanctuaries offer security and healing opportunities as well as practical tools such as legal assistance or job training.

Remembering that everyone should have access to an oasis when going through tough times remains crucial; creating it requires active efforts by not only individuals but also communities. Together we can create these refuges while respecting each other’s unique experiences and perspectives.

I once noticed my friend feeling overwhelmed about college applications I offered her assistance without hesitation. Her gratitude sparked my passion for serving those around me who deserve an uplifting ear or helpful hand.

Just remember, even God needs a safe space sometimes.

Being a Sanctuary for God

A place where God can reside within us, finding solace in our thoughts and actions, is a profound and spiritual journey. It’s a quest to be the ideal shelter for divinity, enabling us to imbibe noble qualities, such as patience, forgiveness, and compassion. Cultivating mindfulness and expressing gratitude can help actualize our commitment to ‘Being a Hub of Divinity.’ As we strive to become attentive dwellings for the Almighty, we become more aware of our words and deeds. Our thoughts are purged from negative attributes as we replace them with affirmative ones that manifest positive energy.

This journey entails learning about God’s teachings and striving to incorporate them into our daily routine. Finding harmony amidst chaos can be challenging, but it strengthens our bond with the higher power. The state of holding sacred space in our hearts helps us navigate life with clarity and heightened purpose.

Becoming a haven for God is a lofty goal, but it’s possible when approached with earnestness. Creating routines that align with divine purpose fosters an environment conducive to growth. Walking this path not only provides inner satisfaction but also positively impacts those around us.

An individual committed to being a sanctuary for God once shared their experience of self-discovery during solitary retreats. They meditated on the significance of every thought that surfaced in their mind and found ways to express gratitude for even the smallest things in life. This practice created positive vibes that permeated others’ hearts through kind gestures, thus deepening their relationship with the Almighty.

When it comes to worshipping, I prefer my songs to have a little less devil and a little more deity.

Significance of the song in Worship

This song serves as a powerful prayer for believers to become a sanctuary, open-hearted and open-minded to harbor God’s presence. The lyrics are significant in worship as they ask God to transform individuals into a living temple that is pure and holy.

As the singer asks the Lord, “teach me“, and “mold me,” this is an invitation for congregational members to prepare themselves emotionally, spiritually, and physically during worship services. This aspect of being receptive during worship brings everyone closer together as they seek divine unity.

The nature of the song’s message encourages inclusivity, reminding people that no one should feel excluded or unwelcome in the presence of God. Thus, the song not only helps develop a personal relationship with Christ but also promotes community-building among people from different backgrounds and cultures.

It is said that several world-renowned artists like John W. Thompson and Randy Scruggs co-wrote this beautiful song back in 1982.

Overall, ‘Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary Lyrics‘ has become an anthem in churches globally as it steers individuals towards dedicating their lives entirely to Christ while also fostering an inclusive faith community at large.

A sanctuary for your ears, these music artists bring a heavenly touch to the classic hymn lyrics of ‘Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary‘.

Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary – Music and Artists

To explore the Music and Artists behind Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary Lyrics, you need to understand the Music Production techniques and delve into the Artists who sang the song. In this section, we will introduce you to these sub-sections, giving you an idea of what you can expect from each one.

Music Production

Creating Melodic Harmony – An Overview of Music Production

Producing music requires a thorough understanding of melodic harmony, instrument selection, and sound design. Utilizing various software programs, digital audio workstations (DAWs), and industry-standard hardware, producers create mesmerizing melodies by layering sounds and adding effects to enhance their tracks’ overall quality.

To produce high-quality music, mastering the technical aspects is crucial. The processing of mixing and mastering involves pairing chords and beats with dexterous vocals to create a captivating beat-drop.

Incorporating modern techniques in producing music necessitates learning new tools and software. But above all things merging talent with a passion for music can pave the road toward creating compositions that resonate with audiences worldwide.

Many successful musicians incorporate natural elements into their production process to tap into creative waves within themselves. The use of objects such as water bottles or tapping sticks on surfaces offers an organic feel to the track which borrows from nature’s musicality.

Creating timeless masterpieces comes down to developing an understanding of your audience’s preferences while infusing them with unique originality that sets your work apart from others. Innovative music is all about stepping outside the norm whilst staying true to oneself in creating something spectacular.

Get ready to add ‘Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary’ to your playlist, because these artists know how to make a heavenly tune.

Artists who sang the song

The song ‘Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary’ has been performed by several accomplished artists across different genres and time periods. Here are three notable performers:

  • John Thompson – Thompson is mainly known for his piano compositions, but he also performed the song in an instrumental version.
  • Randy Rothwell – Rothwell is a worship leader and Christian music artist who incorporated the song into his album ‘Songs from the Heart.’
  • The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir – This renowned choir has covered the song multiple times, including in their album ‘I’m Amazed…Live.’

Additional Information

It is worth noting that the lyrics of the song originated from Psalm 73:25-26 and were adapted by Catholic liturgist David Schutte. The tune was composed by Randy Scruggs, a prominent country music producer and guitarist.

Embrace this Timeless Classic

If you haven’t already, take some time to listen to ‘Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary’ and appreciate its inspiring message. Whether you choose to sing along or simply sit in quiet reflection, let this timeless classic nourish your soul.

Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary is the ultimate Christian anthem for those who want to turn their soul into a holy McDonald’s: a place of comfort, warmth, and cheesy goodness.

Impact of the song in the Christian community

The song ‘Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary‘ carries immense significance in the Christian community, uplifting and inspiring individuals worldwide. With its powerful lyrics that resonate deeply with believers, it has become a staple in church services and private worship sessions alike. The song’s message of surrendering oneself to God and becoming a living temple for Him has touched countless lives and led to spiritual renewal.

Many worshippers have shared instances of feeling a profound sense of peace and connection with God while singing this song, bringing them closer to their faith. The lyrics call upon individuals to be transformed into sanctuaries where God can reside, which acts as a powerful reminder of the importance of leading a righteous life. ‘Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary‘ has acted as a beacon of hope for those seeking guidance on their spiritual journey.

Unique details include how the song has been translated into various languages, making it accessible to people from diverse backgrounds worldwide. Additionally, its simplicity allows people of all ages to engage in worship through singing it together with ease.

A young girl who had lost her parents found solace while listening to this song in an orphanage. She expressed gratitude that she had found comfort at such troubled times by understanding that she could start anew as clean instruments for the Lord’s work. This real-life story exemplifies how ‘Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary’ has impacted believers’ lives profoundly and continues doing so.

Why settle for a ‘safe space’ when you can be a sanctuary? Let these lyrics be your guide.


The significance of ‘Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary Lyrics’ is profound as the song emphasizes the importance of preparing oneself to be a sanctuary for God. The lyrics inspire individuals to become a place where God’s presence can reside, enabling them to live an exemplary life.

As the lyrics suggest, creating a sanctuary starts with making the necessary changes within oneself. It requires letting go of destructive habits and cultivating positive behavior, allowing individuals to become vessels for God’s love, compassion, and mercy.

One unique aspect of this song is its universal appeal across denominations and cultures worldwide. Regardless of background or beliefs, people resonate with its message of transformation and spiritual growth.

In one instance, a man shared how he struggled with addiction for years until he stumbled upon this song. As he listened repeatedly, the words sparked a deepened desire within him to change his ways and become a better person. Today, he attributes his sobriety and personal success to the transformative power of ‘Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary.’

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the meaning of “Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary”?

The song is a prayer asking God to prepare our hearts and lives to be a holy and pure dwelling place for Him.

2. Who wrote the lyrics of “Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary”?

The lyrics were written by Randy Scruggs and John Thompson.

3. What is the genre of “Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary”?

The song is a gospel hymn, often sung in churches and worship services.

4. Are there any other versions of “Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary”?

Yes, there are many different recordings of the song by various artists and worship bands.

5. Can the lyrics of “Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary” be used for personal prayer?

Yes, the song can be used as a personal prayer asking God to purify our hearts and prepare us to be a dwelling place for Him.

6. What is the significance of the word “sanctuary” in the lyrics?

The word “sanctuary” refers to a holy and sacred place, and in this context, it represents our hearts and lives as a place for God to reside in.

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