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Names That Start With a


A-names are abundant and varied. Parents who want a unique name for their child often pick these. Aaliyah, Abby, Adam, Addison are some of the popular ones. The letter ‘A’ might also be chosen for its symbolism. Fact: ‘A’ is the most common first letter in baby girl names in the US (Nameberry).

A is for alphabet, but also for awesome names like Adam, Amelia, Alexander. Too many options! Better hurry and pick a name before your baby starts asking for a phone.

Names That Start with A

To explore diverse options of names that start with A, this section presents both popular and unique options as a solution. Discover names that have been trending in recent times with the sub-section on popular names that start with A. Additionally, find unique and uncommon options with the sub-section on unique names that start with A.

Names beginning with the letter A are popular all over the world. They have deep meaning and show cultural or religious practices. Here are some special names that start with A:

  • Adam – Hebrew, meaning “man”.
  • Aiden – Irish Gaelic, meaning “fiery one”.
  • Alexander – Greek, meaning “defender of the people”.
  • Amelia – Latin, meaning “to strive” or “industrious”.

Plus, there’s also:

  • Arya – Indian origin, meaning “noble goddess”.
  • Asher – Hebrew, meaning “happy” or “blessed”.
  • Ayden – Turkish, meaning “enlightened”.
  • Aurora – Roman, the Goddess of dawn.

Choosing a meaningful name? Think carefully about its origin and meaning. This can help you pick something that fits your family’s values, traditions, or beliefs. Also, consider your child’s personality type. If you want an artistic kid, try names like Aylin (beautiful) or Arianna (most holy). Why be ordinary when you can be Adam, the first man in the Bible?


Starting with the A’s, there’s the classic biblical name Adam. It’s got Hebrew roots and means “man” or “earth“. It’s associated with being the first man created by God, and symbolizes the origin of humankind.

Adam is a favorite for parents due to its timelessness and strong significance. It’s versatile and has been used in various cultures and pop culture references. It’s also associated with intelligence, leadership, and humor. Variants like Adan and Adham offer personalization.

In the 80s, Adam was one of the most common names in America. But since then it’s decreased in usage, though still popular in places like Europe and Australia.

Consider Adam when choosing your baby’s name. It’s a timeless classic that resonates through generations and will give your child a strong foundation.


Amelia – an adored name that comes from Germanic. It is a variation of Amalia, which means “hard-working or industrious“. Famous aviator, Amelia Earhart, was the first renowned woman with this name who was successful in her career. Her mysterious disappearance while trying to circle the world has made her even more appealing.

When it comes to A names, Alexander wins the crown – or perhaps the tiara!


This section is all about “A“. The name Alexander stands out. It comes from Greek, meaning “defender or helper of men“. People with this name are creative and independent. They love taking risks and living unconventionally.

Alexander the Great is one of the most famous people with this name. He built an enormous empire by conquering many lands. He was known for his military skills and leadership.

Why not opt for a biblical name like Asher? It’s both modern and spiritual.


Asher – a Hebrew name meaning “happy” or “fortunate.” It has religious and historical significance. Jacob’s twelve sons were named Asher. Plus, it pops up in popular culture, like the TV show “The 100”. Pick this name for deep roots and an upbeat vibe! An excellent naming opportunity!

Or, if you want your daughter to grow up as a movie star or a Jedi Master, give her the name Ava!


A name that stands out with the letter A? Think “.5 Ava“. A point-five or a reference to tech? Unusual, but perfect for standing out from the crowd. But not sure? How about “Adalyn” for noble, or “Amelia” for hard work? Or the classic “Anna“, for grace?

But beware, uncommon names can be tricky – spelling and pronunciation might be a challenge. Like one mother’s grandmother’s name – “Athena“. To make it easier for her daughter’s dyslexia, they changed it to “Athina” – unique, yet not too hard to remember.

Unique Names That Start with A

Searching for a remarkable name? Think about giving your child a unique name beginning with the letter A. Here are five remarkable names to consider:

  • Aria – Meaning “air” or “song,” this name has an exquisite sound.
  • Amias – This uncommon name means “loved.”
  • Artemis – Derived from Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the moon and hunting.
  • Axel – With Scandinavian roots, this name means “father of peace.”
  • Althea – This Greek-name meaning “healer” has a pleasant and calming sound.

Facts About Unique Baby Names

Did you know some celebrities have chosen unique names for their children? Musician Pharrell Williams named his son Rocket. Actress Cameron Diaz named her daughter Raddix.

Why not name your child after a musical composition? Why not name them after the dramatic vocal solo that comes before it? Greetin, Aria!


Aria! A name that starts with the letter A. From Italy, it means “air” or “song“. Also a musical term for a solo performance. Aria is popular for babes, usually for girls, but can be used for boys. Its elegance and simplicity make it timeless. Fun fact: Maisie Williams’ real name is Margaret Constance Williams, but she goes by her character’s nickname from Game of Thrones, Arya Stark – Maisie.

Atlas carries the world. But oh, the cities – they’ll bring you to your knees with their pronunciation!


This segment contains names that start with “A” and have special meaning in various languages.

Atlas is a Greek name from mythology, symbolizing strength, determination, and unrelenting power. It is also seen as a sign of beauty, intelligence, and sophistication. Charles Atlas was a bodybuilder who made physical fitness popular and Atlas was one of the first books with pictures of Earth taken from outer space. In Greek mythology, Atlas is known for his heroic feat of supporting the sky so he wouldn’t have to sleep next to his brother Prometheus.

When it comes to unique names, Azura is like a breath of fresh air…or should I say, blue air?


Azura is a popular name that starts with A. It comes from Spanish, meaning “sky blue”. People often associate this name with creativity, intelligence, and passion. It can be spelled in different ways, such as Azurah or Azurea. Azura can also be used for businesses and products.

Lately, the name Azura has become hugely popular. Parents looking for unique and pretty names for their kids love it! Famous people with this name include Azura Skye (American actress) and Azura (British singer-songwriter). Different cultures have variations of this name, like Asure and Uzure.

Azura is also used for various services and products, such as software development and real estate businesses. For example, Indonesian singer and humanitarian activist Raisa Andriana named her daughter Zalina Raine Sinclair, keeping the first initial ‘Z’ after her own first initial ‘A’.

Why not choose a name like Apollo and feel like a god?


The name ‘Apollo’ is popular. It comes from Greek mythology and symbolizes light, music, and prophecy. It is now a popular name for boys, linked to strength and creativity.

Apollo can be seen in media, literature, and music. It has been given to spaceships, lunar missions, and NASA programs. Parents are picking it for its special meaning.

Many famous people have had the name or its variations: Apollinaire, Apolinar, Saint Apollinaris of Ravenna. Guillaume Apollinaire’s work, “Zone,” is part of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites.

Carl Weathers played Apollo Creed in the Rocky movies. He was confident and resilient, a great example to Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone). Why be ordinary when you can go with the unique name Apollo?


Axl is an A-starting name with a unique twist. It originates in England and means “father of peace”. Plus, the name is connected to Guns N’ Roses singer Axl Rose. It’s gender-neutral and easy to pronounce. Perfect for those who want a simple yet impactful name.

You can also explore variations like Axel and Axelle. To balance the eccentricity, consider pairing Axl with more traditional middle names such as James or Maria. Or, look into family surnames for a meaningful combo.

In conclusion, Axl is an ideal choice for parents wanting an uncommon baby name that stands out. A name with purpose, like a life motto for your child!

A Name with Meaning

To understand the meanings behind names that start with A, and find a name with deeper significance, you can explore two sub-sections. Firstly, ‘Understanding the Meaning Behind Names that Start with A’ allows you to delve into the historical, cultural and linguistic roots of names. Secondly, ‘Examples of Names with Meaning that Start with A’ gives you a diverse range of options and their meanings to choose from.

Understanding the Meaning Behind Names that Start with A

Names starting with the letter A have special meanings. They can tell us a lot about someone. These names can show us a person’s character, values, and career path.

For instance, Amelia and Alexander symbolize leadership, while Abigail and Aaron mean strength and stability. This has a big influence on a person’s identity.

Something most people don’t know is that A-names are popular in many different cultures. You can find them in English-speaking countries and African communities. Many are taken from religious texts like Hebrew or Greek.

Giving your child a name that has meaning is important. It will help shape their life! So, don’t miss out on giving them an ‘A‘wesome name that will last forever!

Examples of Names with Meaning that Start with A

Names are important and choosing one that reflects beliefs and values is a must. Here are some meaningful names starting with the letter A.

  1. Aaliyah – Arabic for “exalted, sublime
  2. Addison – English for “son of Adam
  3. Aiden – Irish for “fiery one
  4. Amara – Sanskrit for “immortal

These names have deep cultural roots and represent qualities parents want their child to have.

Did you know African cultures name children based on the day they were born? For example, those born on a Thursday may be named Aba (meaning “born on Thursday“). Discovering cultural naming traditions adds more significance to picking a name.

Pro Tip: Research meanings and origins of potential names before making the decision. Don’t be sad, name your daughter Abigail and hope she brings joy!

Abigail – “My father is joyful”

Abigail means “My father is joyful“. It’s from Hebrew – Avigayil. It was first used in the Old Testament to name one of King David’s wives. It’s been popular since then and is now given to many girls across the world. It’s full of meaning and has a historical significance.

The best part of Abigail’s name is its connection to joy and happiness. It comes from being thankful. Naming a child Abigail is expressing gratitude for the joy their father or father figure brings.

You don’t have to pick a name just for its meaning. A child is more than just their name, there are other factors to consider when choosing a name for your baby.

If you’re looking for traditional or meaningful name like Abigail, there are resources to help you. Your child’s name will be a part of their identity for years.

Aaron – “Mountain of strength”

Aaliyah, with a Semitic origin, stands for “Mountain of Strength“. Ancient times viewed mountains as symbols of power and force. Thus, Aaliyah is associated with strength, both physical and mental.

It also means something more. People with this name are seen as trustworthy, responsible and dependable. They’re thought to be natural-born leaders who motivate others around them.

In Judaism, Aaron (or Harun in Islam, Aron/Arron in African-American) is known as one of Moses’ closest advisors. He was chosen by God to serve as the first High Priest of Israel and was responsible for leading the Israelites out of captivity in Egypt.

If you name your child Aaliyah, or if you know someone with this name, remember that it carries a lot of meaning. To help your child embody its qualities, encourage them to stay active and strong. Also, involve them in meaningful leadership roles and give them tasks that require grit and perseverance.

Aaliyah – “Exalted, noble”

The name Aaliyah has a deep significance – “exalted” and “noble“. It is derived from Arabic roots and has been popularized by many celebrities. These names signify an individual’s persona and ancestry. In Islam, meaningful names are a virtue. Aaliyah is a name that stands for grace, integrity and power. It reflects the divine essence of a person.

In Islamic culture, Aaliyah is highly revered. It symbolizes a connection to Allah and a commitment to righteousness and faith. It can bring confidence and positivity, and add cultural depth to one’s personality.

Interestingly, Aaliyah Dana Haughton was an American singer praised for her spiritual voice. She was dedicated to God and this was evident in her music. Her works had a major influence on contemporary rhythm and blues.

A meaningful name like Aaliyah is precious. It has practical value and carries a cultural legacy that reflects one’s identity. Choosing such names is more than just words; it resonates with one’s heritage and soulful history.

Adrianna – “Dark Lady from the Sea”

Adrianna is a name of Latin origin, meaning “dark” or “from the sea“.

We can illustrate the features of Adrianna’s meaning in a table. It has two columns: “Adrianna” and its corresponding meaning. The words in the “Adrianna” column convey its definition, while the second column explains their meanings.

Dark Mysterious or hidden
From Originates
Sea A mass of saltwater connected to an ocean

Adrianna has a beautiful sound and a rich historical context. It is referenced in literature and media, such as Shakespeare’s play, “The Comedy of Errors”.

When naming their child Adrianna, parents should consider how it pairs with the surname. Suggestions include Williams or Garcia. Combining vowels and consonants create a poetic and melodic aura.

In conclusion, Adrianna is a significant and meaningful name. It is aesthetically pleasing when paired with a suitable surname. It can bring light to a new beginning.

Ashwin – “Light for a new beginning”

Ashwin is a name with a profound meaning – “Light for a new beginning“. It is derived from the Sanskrit word “Ashvin” and signifies prosperity, newness and rejuvenation.

People with this name are believed to be charming, creative and able to bring joy to others. This name has been popular in India for generations due to its spiritual significance. It is also associated with the autumn season in Hindu mythology; a time of new beginnings after a period of rest.

Those with Ashwin as their name are usually trailblazers seeking positive change. Choosing a meaningful name like Ashwin can be a powerful decision. It gives your child a sense of belonging and purpose. Make the most of this opportunity and give your child a powerful start in life with this name.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some popular names that start with the letter A?

Some popular names that start with A include Adam, Amelia, Alexander, Ava, and Abigail.

2. Are there any unique names that start with A?

Yes, there are many unique names that start with A, such as Ansel, Ainsley, Aziza, Axl, and Amadeus.

3. What are some gender-neutral names that start with A?

Some gender-neutral names that start with A include Avery, Alex, Ashton, and Ariel.

4. What are some famous people with names that start with A?

Some famous people with names that start with A include Angelina Jolie, Adele, Ashton Kutcher, Ariana Grande, and Anthony Hopkins.

5. Can you recommend some baby names that start with A?

Some baby names that start with A include Addison, Anderson, Aria, August, and Austin.

6. Are there any historical or literary figures with names that start with A?

Yes, there are many. Some examples include Albert Einstein, Alexander the Great, Amelia Earhart, and Anne Frank.

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