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Once Upon a Time Belle

Belle’s Story in “Once Upon a Time”

Belle’s journey in the enchanting world of “Once Upon a Time” is a tale of resilience and love amidst challenges. From her humble beginnings as a village girl to becoming the beloved wife of the Beast, Belle’s story is one of transformation and hope.

Throughout her journey, Belle exhibits unwavering strength and compassion, proving herself as a force to be reckoned with. Her bond with Rumplestiltskin, despite his questionable actions, showcases her inherent ability to see beyond appearances and into the heart of individuals.

Unique details include Belle’s pivotal role in bringing Rumplestiltskin back from the brink of darkness and her bravery in facing formidable foes. She remains a fan favorite for her unwavering loyalty and charismatic personality.

Fun fact: Actress Emilie de Ravin initially auditioned for the role of Snow White before ultimately being cast as Belle. (Source: Parade)

Belle’s love for books was so strong, even the enchanted rose in the Beast’s castle got jealous.

Belle – The Character

To understand Belle – The Character in Once Upon a Time Belle, this section with the sub-sections – Belle’s Traits and Characteristics, and Belle’s Relationships in the Show, provides a solution. By delving into Belle’s distinct traits and relationships, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of her character and motivations throughout the show.

Belle’s Traits and Characteristics

Belle’s personality traits and characteristics are intriguing, making her a fascinating character. She is independent, curious, and has a strong sense of justice and compassion, making her relatable to viewers. Belle is also highly intelligent and well-read due to her love for books. Additionally, she is not afraid to stand up against social norms and expectations.

One of Belle’s most notable traits is her bravery, as she chooses to sacrifice herself for the good of others when her father is imprisoned by the Beast. Her empathy towards those around her knows no bounds, as seen through her ability to see past the Beast’s intimidating exterior and develop affection for him.

It is interesting to note that Belle could have easily fallen into the role of the typical damsel-in-distress trope; however, she defies this expectation through her sharp wit and self-awareness. Her resilience serves as an inspiration for viewers of all ages.

Pro Tip: Belle’s character emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself and standing up for others despite societal pressures.

Looks like Belle has more complicated relationships than Facebook’s ‘It’s complicated’ option.

Belle’s Relationships in the Show

Belle’s Connections in the Series:

Belle had multiple associations that shaped her character in the show. She shared a compassionate bond with the Beast and an amiable connection with Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. Potts, Chip and other castle staff. Her father Maurice played a crucial role in Belle’s life. She also had an envious relationship with Gaston, who attempted to win her heart but failed.

Furthermore, Belle’s decision to stay with the Beast during his transformation reveals her empathetic nature towards him. Their camaraderie grew stronger as they spent more time together, eventually resulting in love.

In addition, Belle was not only attached to individuals but also found solace in books and literature. They fostered her growth and gave her the mental ability to stand up for herself when needed.

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Belle’s costumes are so iconic, even the Beast couldn’t help but compliment her fashion sense…after he stopped trying to eat her, of course.

Belle’s Costumes and Appearances

To understand Belle’s style and appearance, you need to know about her costumes and appearances. In order to do that, you should have a glance at ‘Belle’s Costumes and Appearances’. This section is a complete guide to Belle’s style on the show ‘Once Upon a Time’. It includes Belle’s Outfits Throughout the Show and Belle’s Hair and Makeup.

Belle’s Outfits Throughout the Show

Belle’s Costumes and Appearances are a significant part of the show’s aesthetics. The outfits worn by Belle throughout the series reflect her character development, from her humble beginnings to her eventual acceptance as a princess. Each outfit portrays a unique facet of her personality, from her adventurous spirit to her kind heart.

Her iconic yellow ball gown is often associated with Belle due to its stunning appearance, while other costumes like the blue dress she wears at the beginning of the show emphasize her practicality and independence.

Notably, her winter outfit comprises a green cloak that represents growth and renewal in symbolism while also portraying Belle’s strength in challenging environments. Her casual outfits such as skirts and blouses depict practicality combined with elegance and grace.

Interestingly, all of Belle’s outfits were designed by Costume Designer Jacqueline Durran, who won an Academy Award for Best Costume Design for “Anna Karenina.”

Even in a messy bun, Belle’s hair still looks better than mine on a good hair day.

Belle’s Hair and Makeup

Belle’s appearance is characterized by her hair and makeup. Her beautifully styled hair, in an elaborate updo with tendrils framing her face, is complemented by a natural-looking makeup look. The use of neutral tones with light blush and subtle eye shadow enhances her features without overpowering them.

Her unique yellow dress, iconic blue apron, and brown boots create an instantly recognizable outfit. Notably, Belle can also be seen wearing a pink gown when dancing with the Beast in the ballroom scene.

According to, Emma Watson requested for the character’s outfits to be updated to reflect a modern and empowered woman. It is fascinating how Belle’s look has evolved over time while remaining true to her character.

Who needs a prince charming when you’ve got Belle, the ultimate literary heroine.

Belle’s Role in the Storyline

To understand Belle’s role in the storyline of “Once Upon a Time Belle,” we will look into her significant moments in the plot and the contributions she makes to the overall storyline. These two sub-sections provide a comprehensive overview of how Belle fits into the narrative, and what impact she has on the other characters and plot developments.

Belle’s Significant Moments in the Plot

Belle’s pivotal moments in the storyline showcase her transformation from prisoner to friend. Her refusal to marry Gaston, her encounter with the Beast, and their dance in the ballroom signify significant events. Additionally, Belle’s bravery during the wolf attack and her willingness to sacrifice herself for her father highlight her selflessness.

Moreover, Belle’s unwavering love for the Beast despite his appearance and demeanor is a testament to inner beauty being more important than outward appearances. Finally, Belle’s decision to save the Beast rather than returning home highlights her character growth.

To enhance Belle’s role in the plot, writers can strengthen secondary characters such as Lumiere or Mrs. Potts to evoke deeper emotions from audiences. By adding extra scenes showcasing these characters’ relationships with Belle, viewers will become more invested in their storylines.

By using music effectively throughout key moments of the movie and incorporating visually stunning elements like intricate costume designs or CGI animation during pivotal scenes can also enhance Belle’s role in the storyline. These techniques will help bring the audience deeper into Belle’s world and leave a lasting impression.

Belle may have been a bookworm, but she knew how to kick some beastly butt in the end.

Belle’s Contributions to the Storyline

Belle’s Role in Advancing the Plot

Belle’s contributions to the storyline are significant in advancing the plot. She serves as the protagonist who learns to see beyond appearances, leading to her falling in love and ultimately breaking a curse. Belle faces several challenges throughout the story, including dealing with societal pressures and overcoming personal fears. Her courage and determination to do what is right are instrumental in rescuing Beast from Gaston’s attack. Most importantly, Belle’s character portrays a strong, independent woman who stands up for herself and others.

Furthermore, Belle’s relationship with Beast creates a unique dynamic that develops throughout the movie. Their initial animosity towards each other evolves into a deep-rooted affection built on mutual understanding and acceptance. The relationship helps establish Beast as more than just a monster but rather someone deserving of love and redemption.

It is noteworthy that Belle’s personality stands out among Disney princesses because she shows genuine interest in education and reading books. She also becomes an inspiration to young girls who aspire to be intelligent women.

Love may be blind, but Belle’s impact on the show and audiences is crystal clear.

Belle’s Impact on the Show and Audiences

To understand the impact of Belle on the show and audiences in Once Upon a Time, explore the following sub-sections: Belle’s Popularity Among Fans and Belle’s Representation and Importance in the Show. These sub-sections will give you insights into why Belle is an important character that resonates with audiences and offers a unique perspective to the show.

Belle’s Popularity Among Fans

Belle’s Popularity Among Devoted Admirers has led to a fervent fan following due to her astounding performance on the show. Her character’s intriguing backstory and personality captures viewers’ excitement. Belle’s interactions with other characters manifest the audience’s demands for more of her.

Belle may have been a fictional character, but her impact on representation and diversity in the show was as real as it gets.

Belle’s Representation and Importance in the Show

Belle’s Impact on the Show and Audiences

Belle, a crucial character in the show, plays a significant role in portraying the message of social acceptance and personal growth. This strong representation of self-growth, acceptance, and love is vital for the audience to reflect upon such values.

Throughout the narrative, Belle underscores her value by daring to speak her truth, showing empathy towards others’ pain and struggles while overcoming her fears. As a result, viewers are encouraged to embrace their unique qualities.

Moreover, Belle’s passion for knowledge portrays another aspect of her character that is admired by many. Her thirst for learning encourages viewers to pursue education. The show’s creators made an exceptional attempt to break down stereotypes regarding women’s intellect in this way.

Given Disney’s past films with subliminal messages about beauty standards or romanticising toxic patterns. However, it’s refreshing when one of their princesses breaks outside those boundaries.

Interestingly Belle has always been one of Disney Princesses’ most beloved characters due to being a relatable role model which teaches children good values – something that parents have longed for in children’s animated media.

Overall, Belle’s importance in educating their audience about valuable life lessons while entertaining us means she will be cherished as much now as she was twenty-five years ago when Beauty and The Beast first released.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Belle in “Once Upon a Time”?

Belle is a character from the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” who appears in the TV series “Once Upon a Time”. She is portrayed as a strong-willed and intelligent woman who eventually becomes the love interest of the Beast/Prince Adam.

2. What is Belle’s backstory in “Once Upon a Time”?

In the show, Belle is from a town called Avonlea, where she lives with her father. She meets Rumplestiltskin and strikes a deal with him to save her kingdom from ogres. She eventually falls in love with him and marries him.

3. What is Belle’s role in “Once Upon a Time”?

Belle is a recurring character in the show and plays a crucial role in helping the protagonists in their battles against various villains. She is also a confidante for Rumplestiltskin, and tries to prevent him from giving in to his darker impulses.

4. Does Belle have any special abilities in “Once Upon a Time”?

Yes, Belle possesses a keen intellect and exceptional memory. She can also read and speak numerous languages, thanks to her love for books.

5. What is the significance of Belle’s yellow dress in “Once Upon a Time”?

The yellow dress is a nod to Belle’s iconic outfit in Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast”. It also symbolizes her transformation from a meek and shy captive to a confident and brave heroine.

6. What is the status of Belle’s relationship with Rumplestiltskin in “Once Upon a Time”?

Belle and Rumplestiltskin’s relationship has its ups and downs throughout the show. Although they share a deep love for each other, Rumplestiltskin’s constant lies and manipulations strain their relationship.

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