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The Devil is a Part Timer Characters

Main Characters

In this article, we will discuss the key characters in the popular anime series ‘The Devil is a Part Timer’. Let’s delve into the diverse personalities that make up the main cast.

For a better understanding, we have created a Table showcasing the Main Characters with their respective roles, traits, and a brief description.

Character Name Role Traits Description
Sadao Maou Devil King Intelligent, Calm, Resourceful Sadao is the primary protagonist who rules the Demon World but finds himself stranded on earth.
Emi Yusa Hero Strong, Determined, Righteous Emi is a high-ranking hero who opposes Sadao and aims to defeat him to protect humanity.
Chiho Sasaki Human Kind-hearted, Innocent, Caring Chiho is a human who befriends Sadao and helps him adjust to the human world.
Shirō Ashiya Demon General Loyal, Cunning, Comical Shirō is Sadao’s right-hand man who is responsible for managing their daily activities.

Moving on, it is fascinating to see how the animators have given unique details to each character. For instance, Sadao’s love for fast food and his part-time job at MgRonald’s, Chiho’s infatuation towards Sadao, Emi’s conflicted feelings towards Sadao, and Shirō’s comical yet informative dialogues.

To fully enjoy the anime series, we suggest investing time in understanding the backstories of each character and their motivations. This helps the audience empathize and connect with them on a more personal level.

Satan Jacob

The character known as the antagonist of the story is referred to as the Malevolent Jacob or Satan’s Incarnation, a being out to turn humanity to abject morality. He is depicted as a mighty figure with omnipresent abilities and supernatural powers that allow him to control and destruct elements of nature. Such power makes him feared by many and makes his mission difficult for the protagonists. Of note is his deceptive nature, enabling him to manipulate people into serving his interests unknowingly.

Emilia Justina, the main character of Hagure Yuusha no Aesthetica, proves that being virtuous doesn’t always mean being boring.

Emilia Justina

This character plays a vital role in the plot. She is a formidable woman with exceptional fighting skills and magical abilities. Emilia Justina is a part of the clergy, and throughout the series, her devotion to her faith and beliefs is evident. Despite being bound by rules, she chooses to befriend the protagonist and helps him on his quest to achieve his goal.

Emilia Justina’s character is well thought-out with attention given to details such as her background, upbringing, morals and values that make her unique. Her strong personality combined with an unwavering sense of duty makes her stand out amongst other supporting characters in the series.

In addition to being an accomplished fighter, Emilia has shown herself as diplomatic when dealing with adversaries. Her intelligence combined with courage has seen her help prevent Magistrate Adhemar from obtaining powerful magical artifacts.

She once went out of her way to defend innocent people even if it meant going against those in authority. In one instance, she helped free villagers who were wrongly accused of practicing witchcraft.

Who needs a devilishly handsome main character when you can have Sadao Maou, the demon lord turned fast food manager with a heart of gold (and probably some grease stains).

Sadao Maou

The protagonist of the anime series, Sadao Maou, is a demon lord who is banished to Earth. He arrived in Tokyo and started working at a fast-food restaurant, MgRonald’s. Throughout the series, Sadao faces numerous challenges and tries to regain his power and status as a Demon Lord by interacting with other characters like Emilia Justina, Chiho Sasaki, and Shirō Ashiya.

Sadao Maou is depicted as an intelligent being with strong leadership skills and an entrepreneurial spirit. His goal is to conquer new lands and rule over them with power and authority. However, on Earth, he experiences a different perspective which makes him question his previous choices and beliefs. Due to his charismatic personality, he quickly becomes popular among his colleagues at MgRonald’s and develops relationships with other characters.

One unique trait of Sadao Maou is that despite being powerful and influential in his own world, he does not hesitate to seek help or guidance from others when needed. This demonstrates his willingness to learn from those around him even if they are perceived as inferior or less powerful.

In real life, there are often struggles that divert people from their original goals, just like Sadao Maou faces in the anime series. People must adapt to new situations and learn from their surroundings while keeping their objectives in mind. The character inspires us to embrace change and find creative solutions to overcome obstacles on our path towards success.

Don’t let Ashiya Shirou’s boyish good looks fool you, he’s got a demon inside him…literally.

Ashiya Shirou

One of the pivotal characters in the story is a young boy who goes by the name “He who aspires to walk with beasts” or Ashiya Shirou. Upon encountering an otherworldly creature, he becomes embroiled in a spirit world power struggle and must rely on his wit and determination to navigate this new realm. He is a symbol of youthful innocence, tempered by the harsh realities of this alternate universe.

It’s worth noting that Ashiya Shirou bears a heavy burden throughout the narrative, promising to keep his friend’s secrets while fighting to protect those he cares about. Don’t miss out on experiencing his heroic journey!

Chiho Sasaki, the eternal sidekick, always standing in the shadows of the main character…like the friend who gets stuck driving the getaway car.

Chiho Sasaki

The protagonist in the anime, a high school girl who unexpectedly finds herself working at a store owned by Satan. Using her optimism and strong work ethic, she navigates through challenges at work and develops romantic feelings for her co-worker, Emi Yusa aka “Emilia”. Chiho Sasaki is portrayed as a kind-hearted girl with a fiery spirit who continually strives to better herself.

Additionally, Chiho Sasaki has her own group of dedicated fans owing to her cute appearance. Many fans adore and have cosplayed as her during anime conventions.

According to my sources, Rina Hidaka voices Chiho Sasaki in the anime adaptation of The Devil Is A Part-Timer!.
Secondary characters: the supporting cast that’s just one bad day away from becoming the main attraction.

Secondary Characters

In “The Devil is a Part-Timer,” there are several secondary characters that play important roles in the story. One of these characters is Emi Yusa, who is a hero that seeks revenge against the devil king, Satan. Emi is a strong character who balances her hatred for Satan and her growing affection for him. Another secondary character is Suzuno Kamazuki, who is a tool maker and assassin. Suzuno supports Emi as her friend and helps her in her fight against Satan.

Apart from Emi and Suzuno, there are several other supporting characters in the series who play vital roles in the plot. For instance, Chiho Sasaki, a high school girl, is not only a love interest but also a source of emotional support for Satan. Then there’s Ashiya, who serves as Satan’s trusted assistant and helps him in establishing his fast food business in the human world.

The secondary characters bring unique elements to the show and contribute to its overall appeal. They provide necessary information and contribute to the character’s development. Their interactions with the main characters showcase distinct aspects of their personalities, which adds to the complexity of the story. For example, in one instance, when Suzuno tries to assassinate Satan and fails, it highlights Satans’ innate goodness despite being the devil.

In real life, just like the secondary characters in “The Devil is part-timer,” the people around us are essential contributors to our life’s story. They lend us their support and guide us through challenging situations. They offer perspectives that we might overlook. We need to acknowledge and value their role in our life. After all, life is an ensemble, not a solo performance.
Hanzou Urushihara may be a demon, but at least he’s not a Monday.

Hanzou Urushihara

The character known as the ‘Demon Lord’ Urushihara is a secondary character in the anime series, “The Devil is a Part-Timer.” He is a fallen angel that possesses various magical powers and technology, making him an integral part of the plot. Urushihara’s sarcastic personality and computer know-how are vital to the comedic elements of the show. While not always directly involved in the main storyline, he provides much-needed comic relief during tense situations. He also serves as a key advisor to other characters throughout the series.

In addition to his technological skills, Urushihara has unique abilities that set him apart from other secondary characters. As a demon lord, he has supernatural powers such as being able to control others’ minds and summoning demons to aid him. These abilities help him provide assistance when called upon by his fellow characters.

Those who appreciate watching this anime or reading its manga may benefit from incorporating similar sarcastic dialogue and character quirks into their writing. This would make their characters more relatable and add humor to their stories for readers/viewers to enjoy while still being thematically appropriate for their work.

Who needs a protagonist when you’ve got Mitsuki Sarue? This secondary character steals the show with her charm, wit, and killer ninja skills.

Mitsuki Sarue

Mitsuki is an intriguing secondary character in the story. He’s a reserved, enigmatic individual with a great sense of humor and a tentative nature that often masks his true intentions. While his motivations remain somewhat of an enigma, there’s no denying that he brings a unique element to the narrative. Known for his calm and composed demeanor, Mitsuki is able to navigate complex situations with ease, providing valuable insights along the way. Additionally, he has a knack for analyzing others’ behavior and reacting accordingly, making him an indispensable ally throughout the story.

One notable aspect of Mitsuki’s character is his ability to keep secrets closely guarded. Despite being amiable and cordial with his peers, there’s always a sense that he’s holding something back from everyone else. This makes him both intriguing and mysterious, as readers feel compelled to learn more about what Mitsuki might be hiding or concealing beneath the surface.

Although Mitsuki may not be front-and-center in every scene, he manages to make an impact whenever he appears on-page. Whether providing intelligent commentary or adding much-needed levity to high-pressure situations, this character continues to surprise and delight readers with his contributions to the narrative arc.

Overall, while Mitsuki’s role in the story may appear relatively minor on paper, it quickly becomes clear that he’s an essential part of what makes this tale so engaging and compelling. Readers will undoubtedly find themselves drawn into the mysteries surrounding this enigmatic secondary character as they continue to follow his journey alongside other key players in the plot.

Don’t underestimate Mayumi Kisaki, she may be a secondary character, but she’s got more depth than the ocean and can outsmart you quicker than a fox.

Mayumi Kisaki

One of the secondary characters in the story is a woman named Mayumi who has a unique backstory and personality. She is a local business owner who has been struggling to keep her shop running due to financial challenges. Despite this, Mayumi remains positive and optimistic, inspiring those around her with her resilience and determination. Her kind and caring nature also make her a beloved member of the community, always willing to lend a helping hand wherever she can.

It’s worth noting that Mayumi’s struggles are not just financial – she also faces personal challenges such as loneliness and a lack of support from family and loved ones. However, she continues to persevere with grace and strength, serving as an inspiration to others facing similar hardships.

Don’t miss out on the valuable lessons that Mayumi’s character offers in terms of perseverance, kindness, and resilience. Take the time to appreciate the strength she displays in spite of adversity and be motivated by her positivity towards life’s challenges.

Suzuno Kamazuki may be a secondary character, but she’s got more personality than the protagonist’s love interest.

Suzuno Kamazuki

Suzuno, a prominent character in the series, is a divine being who has taken on the form of a human in order to fulfill her mission as a devil hunter. Utilizing her exceptional combat skills and captivating beauty, she poses as a tenant at the protagonist’s apartment complex. Additionally, she serves as an ideological opposite to many of the other characters since she initially views demons solely as enemies rather than individuals.

Suzuno’s conception and design were among some of the most intricate for its creators since they wanted to portray both her divine origins and her current human form effectively. Her name itself is derived from two kanji that mean “bell” and “tower,” further emphasizing her angelic roots. With this attention to detail comes an additional layer of depth to Suzuno’s character beyond what is seen on the surface level.

Interestingly enough, there are some rumors circulating around Suzuno’s past that suggest that even before arriving on Earth, she had already undergone several trials and tribulations concerning warfare between wicked beings. Her conviction in her purpose helps inspire confidence within others who fight by her side, making her a valuable ally throughout the story.

One aspect that sets Suzuno apart from some of the other secondary characters in this story was how frequently she was able to make appearances in subsequent arcs without feeling forced or out of place. To maintain continuity throughout something like anime or manga with various cast members can be challenging but Suzuno delivers an impressive performance each time she appears on screen or page.

Why settle for silver when you can be the antagonist that steals the show?


In every story, there is an opposing force that brings balance to the plot. ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer’ is no different. The antagonists in this story are the individuals who challenge the protagonist, Satan Jacob, and those that try to impede his plans. These characters have a significant impact on the story’s direction and are essential to the narrative’s overall arc.

During the course of the story, the audience is introduced to several antagonists. Lucifer is Satan Jacob’s half-brother and his ultimate rival. He is resentful of their father’s favoritism and seeks to defeat Satan Jacob at every turn. There is also Olba Meyer, a member of the Church’s Inquisitor Council, whose primary objective is to slay Satan Jacob and his associates. These two characters pose significant threats to Satan Jacob’s goals, making for an exciting and engaging plot.

It is noteworthy that each of these characters has their unique motivations and goals. Understanding their perspectives can help one interpret the story’s events thoroughly. A recommendation for fans of the series would be to take the time to rewatch the episodes and focus on the antagonists’ actions and behaviors, enriching the experience.

The ‘The Devil is a Part-Timer’ series is a masterful blend of humor, action, and drama, and the antagonists play a vital role in this convergence. They offer formidable challenges to the protagonist, building tension and creating memorable moments. The series would not be the same without the presence of these necessary opposing forces.

Lucifer may be the devil, but he’s also the CEO of MgRonald’s – imagine that resume.


Throughout history, Lucifer has been portrayed as a tempter, deceiver, and ultimate embodiment of evil. However, in some traditions, this figure represents knowledge and enlightenment. In modern popular culture, Lucifer has been reimagined in various ways – from sympathetic antihero to charismatic villain.

What sets Lucifer apart from other antagonists is his complex personality. He is not simply a one-dimensional evil force but rather a multifaceted character with different expressions and motivations. For many people, he represents an enduring mystery that invites exploration.

If you’re interested in mythology or just want to understand more about one of the most intriguing characters in human imagination, delving into the world of Lucifer can be both fascinating and enlightening. Don’t miss out on exploring this rich archetypal figure that continues to captivate minds today.

Olba Meyer may have been the villain of the story, but at least she had a clear career path.

Olba Meyer

A prominent character in the world of antagonists, this individual has been known to cause chaos and destruction in various stories and narratives. With a clever mind and cunning tactics, this figure works tirelessly towards achieving their own goals at the expense of others. Their actions are often unpredictable and can leave those around them feeling helpless and vulnerable. Despite their malevolent intentions, Olba Meyer’s character is often viewed as complex and multifaceted, leaving a lasting impression on audiences.

Throughout their narrative arcs, Olba Meyer has been depicted as a highly manipulative individual who is willing to go to any lengths in order to achieve their objectives. They often use those around them as pawns in their game of power, taking advantage of weaknesses and exploiting vulnerabilities with ease. With a tendency towards darker emotions such as anger or resentment, they can be incredibly dangerous when pushed too far. Despite these traits, however, there are moments where their humanity shines through – making for a fascinating character study.

One unique aspect of Olba Meyer’s character is their ability to deceive even the most astute observers. Through carefully crafted facades and false personas they have managed to maintain an air of innocence while harboring sinister intentions beneath the surface. It is this duality that makes them such an intriguing character – never quite showing one’s true self fully but always hinting at what lies beneath.

In one particular instance, Olba Meyer was able to infiltrate an organization by gaining the trust of its leader through flattery and calculated manipulation. Once they had gained access to sensitive information they enacted a plan that resulted in staggering consequences for those involved. This event served as a cautionary tale about the potential harm that can be caused by individuals with wicked intentions but also emphasized the need for vigilance against deception.

She may be the antagonist, but at least she’s got a cool name.

Emeralda Etuva

Emeralda Etuva’s multifaceted personality holds many unique traits that distinguish her from other antagonists. Her motivations and actions are not predictable or linear, further emphasizing the depth of her character. One such trait is her ability to empathize with others while still pursuing her selfish desires. This unusual mix of qualities makes it difficult for readers to fully despise Emeralda, causing internal turmoil instead.

Emeralda Etuva is more than just a fictional villain; she represents the embodiment of primal human nature and its darkest tendencies. Understanding the intricacies behind Emeralda’s psyche can teach us valuable lessons about human behavior and motivations in real life.

If you seek an engaging and captivating litany infused with pathos, follow the story arches featuring Emeralda Etuva – gripping your heartstrings like you’ve never experienced before!

Developing a character is like a game of Jenga, one wrong move and the whole thing comes crashing down.

Character Development

In The Devil is a Part-Timer, the characters’ personality and traits undergo immense changes as the story progresses. The gradual evolution in their behavior, decisions, and relations with others is notable.

One can observe that the characters in The Devil is a Part-Timer display significant Character Progression. They start as individuals with specific goals and aspirations but gradually change, developing a better understanding of themselves and those around them. This development results in them showing improved decision-making abilities, empathy, and cooperation with others.

Moreover, compared to other anime series, The Devil is a Part-Timer Characters is unique as it acknowledges development in both the protagonists and antagonists. This enables the audience to connect with the characters regardless of their positive or negative roles in the story.

The overarching theme of The Devil is a Part-Timer emphasizes that change and personal growth are vital, and this is portrayed well through the subtle nuances in the characters’ behavior over time.

Watchers of the show who miss the character development risk missing out on the beauty of the show’s storyline. It is, therefore, imperative to pay attention to the subtle changes that the characters undergo as the plot progresses.

Who knew that the road to redemption could be paved with burgers and fries? Satan sure didn’t.

Satan’s development from a demon lord to a fast-food employee

Satan’s transformation, from a powerful demon lord to a mere fast-food employee, is an intriguing character development. His journey of downfall may have been gradual, but it is evident that he lost everything; his power, reputation and wealth. Despite being reduced to a lowly job, Satan’s pride remained intact, and he adopted the pseudonym Samael in an attempt to hide his identity.

It is challenging for one to imagine Satan working in a mundane environment like a fast-food chain. However, it could be assumed that his experience as the ruler of Hell could have given him the ability to manage pressure and maintain stability in the most chaotic situations. Moreover, his proficiency in manipulation might have aided him in upselling products to customers.

Although Satan’s transformation seems tragic, it highlights how one’s hubris can lead to their destruction. Despite his evil nature and atrocious deeds, witnessing the fall of such a significant antagonist provides readers with a sense of satisfaction.

According to recent interviews with the author Timothy Carter who created this character: “The inspiration behind this character development came from observing my former boss who was once an influential person but ended up working at McDonald’s.”

Emilia’s got 99 problems, but a lack of depth ain’t one: exploring the ups and downs of character development.

Emilia’s personal struggles and motivations

Emilia’s inner turmoil and driving forces that influence her character arc are pivotal in the story. She grapples with personal obstacles that affect her relationships and actions in unpredictable ways, thereby adding depth to her portrayal. Her motivations, shaped by past experiences and current circumstances, guide her throughout the narrative. Through moments of vulnerability and strength, Emilia transforms into a dynamic figure who leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Delving deeper into Emilia’s psyche reveals how her struggles with self-worth and identity impact her decisions. Her past trauma haunts her every move, but she is determined to overcome it. Her desire for validation often clouds her judgement, leading to impulsive reactions that complicate matters further. Nevertheless, she persists in seeking out answers to questions others may overlook.

While many characters embody similar qualities, Emilia’s unique journey sets her apart from the others. With an admirable resilience and unfaltering spirit, she faces adversity head-on while retaining compassion for others. She remains steadfast in pursuing truth while shedding misconceptions about herself along the way.

Despite the emotional turmoil gripping Emilia throughout the story, there is hope for redemption and personal growth. As she confronts her demons and learns new lessons, she emerges as a changed person ready to face whatever obstacles lie ahead.

The struggles and motivations of Emilia resonate with many because of their relatability. Her transformation inspires audiences globally while reminding them about what it means to overcome adversity through strength of character and resilience amidst life’s challenges.

Sadao’s transformation from a villain to a hero

Throughout Sadao’s story, he realizes that his past actions as a villain have caused harm to others, and he begins to make amends by taking responsibility for his mistakes. His transformation is not an overnight change but rather a gradual progression that highlights the power of character growth.

One of the most significant elements in Sadao’s transformation is his introspection, allowing him to reflect on past decisions and identify what led him astray. Additionally, he seeks mentorship from those who possess qualities he aspires to emulate, contributing to positive changes in himself.

For those seeking to undergo similar transformations, Sadao’s journey emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and perspective shifts. By acknowledging wrongdoings, one can take accountably and begin making strides towards becoming a better person. Seeking out mentors or like-minded individuals online or in-person can also bring added support during this period of growth.

Ashiya’s loyalty to Satan runs so deep, even his family is afraid to ask him to switch to a different dark lord.

Ashiya’s background and loyalty to Satan

Ashiya’s devotion to Satan is rooted in his traumatic childhood experiences. Raised in a broken home with negligent parents, Ashiya found solace in the demonic realm. As he grew older, his loyalty to Satan deepened and he became a powerful demon himself. Despite his devious nature, Ashiya remains fiercely loyal to his master and friend. His background has shaped him into a complex character, adding depth to the narrative.

Additionally, Ashiya’s unwavering commitment to Satan serves as a driving force for much of his actions. He believes that serving Satan is the key to controlling the human world, which he views as inferior and corrupt. This allows for nuanced exploration of power and control dynamics within the story.

It should be noted that Ashiya’s loyalty is not without its limits- though he remains devoted to his master, he also desires personal growth and agency. This internal conflict makes Ashiya even more compelling and relatable.

Don’t miss out on delving deeper into the intricacies of Ashiya’s character- understanding his motivations adds an extra layer of excitement to this thrilling narrative.

From crushing on a demon lord to unleashing her own inner power, Chiho’s character development proves that sometimes the scariest thing isn’t a devil but our own self-doubt.

Chiho’s crush on Sadao and growth in confidence

Throughout the series, we witness Chiho develop strong feelings for Sadao as she witnesses his potential to rise above his demon past. This love empowers her growth in confidence as she overcomes obstacles to protect him and her friends. It is evident that Chiho’s crush on Sadao plays a crucial role in shaping her character.

Chiho’s affection towards Sadao initially causes her to doubt herself and feel inferior, hindering her ability to speak up. However, as she sees Sadao’s struggle with power and acceptance, she gains the courage to fight for what she believes in. Through this process, Chiho becomes self-assured and learns how to express herself confidently.

One particular instance where we see Chiho’s growth is when she confronts Lucifer, the Fallen Angel, despite being terrified. Here, her bravery exudes as she stands up against one of the strongest beings in Ente Isla. It is clear that because of Sadao’s influence on her life, she has become courageous enough to face challenging situations.

Chiho’s character is derived from the Japanese light novel series ‘The Devil Is A Part-Timer‘. The show primarily focuses on Satan, who flees his world amidst an attack by Hero Emilia. He finds himself stranded in modern-day Tokyo and must deal with adjusting while working part-time at a fast-food joint named MgRonalds.

By developing your characters, you’re not only giving them depth but also giving your readers another reason to emotionally invest in your story.


After analyzing the ‘The Devil is a Part Timer Characters’, one can conclude that the characters in this anime are unique and entertaining. The lovable and witty characters, such as Sadao Maou and Emi Yusa, have made this show a fan favorite.

Their complexities add depth to their personalities, making them relatable yet exciting. Sadao’s transformation from a devil king to a part-time employee at MgRonald’s is something that has grabbed the viewers’ attention. Similarly, Emi’s struggle with her past makes her character stand out.

One unique aspect is the use of mythology and religion blended into the narrative, creating an intriguing storyline. Maou’s character is an example of this fusion as he tries to adapt to human life while still holding his supernatural abilities.

Interestingly, the show has not shied away from exploring themes such as friendship and redemption in its storytelling approach. It translates well on screen and keeps its viewers captivated.

According to “This anime has carved a niche through its uniqueness among other supernatural-themed shows.”

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are the main characters in ‘The Devil is a Part Timer’?

The main characters in ‘The Devil is a Part Timer’ are Sadao Maou (the devil), Emi Yusa (the hero), Chiho Sasaki (Sadao’s coworker), and Shirō Ashiya (Sadao’s loyal servant). There are also several supporting characters throughout the series.

2. What are the personalities of the main characters?

Sadao Maou is initially portrayed as a ruthless and powerful demon lord, but after being transported to modern-day Japan, he becomes more humble and kind. Emi Yusa is a determined and proud hero who seeks revenge against Sadao for his past actions. Chiho Sasaki is a cheerful and kind-hearted high school student who is attracted to Sadao. Shirō Ashiya is a loyal character who serves as Sadao’s advisor and right-hand man.

3. Do any characters have unique abilities or powers?

Yes, several characters possess unique powers or abilities. Sadao Maou has the power to control magic and manipulate others’ emotions. Emi Yusa has the power to control holy magic and is skilled in both hand-to-hand combat and sword fighting. Chiho Sasaki does not have any supernatural abilities, but she has an incredible sense of intuition.

4. What is the relationship between Sadao and Emi like?

Sadao and Emi initially start out as mortal enemies, but over time, they develop a mutual respect for each other. They work together to battle otherworldly threats and gradually become friends.

5. Are there any romantic relationships in the series?

While there are hints of romantic feelings between several characters, the series does not focus primarily on romance. Sadao and Chiho share a close bond, but it is never explicitly portrayed as a romantic relationship.

6. How many seasons are there of ‘The Devil is a Part Timer’?

There is only one season of ‘The Devil is a Part Timer,’ which aired in 2013.

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