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What a Beautiful Name Lyrics

Introduction to “What a Beautiful Name” song

Behold! This article examines the lyricism and music elements of the popular song, “What a Beautiful Name“. It was written and performed by Hillsong Worship, an eminent Christian worship group. The opening lines of the song capture the beauty and power of Jesus Christ’s name. The multilayered music arrangement, featuring piano, voice, drums, and guitar, adds to its sublime effect. Each verse sets up the narrative arc of Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection.

The lyrics evoke deep emotions such as awe, humility, and reverence for God’s love at the heart of Christianity. In addition, since its release in 2016, the song has gained immense popularity on social media platforms – making it a globally recognized hit in many religious settings across cultures.

An interesting element is that some churches have incorporated dance performances into their version of this song, intensifying its revelatory experience. To experience the spiritual depth of this song, it is suggested to play it at a moderate tempo with expressive dynamics.

Pro Tip: This article sheds light on one of Hillsong Worship’s most moving songs. It is cherished by millions who connect to its Christian themes and stirring melodies. So, don’t just take the title at face value – get ready to dive deep into the meaning of What a Beautiful Name!

Understanding the Lyrics of “What a Beautiful Name”

The Meaning behind “What a Beautiful Name” Lyrics

What a Beautiful Name” is a powerful worship song that captivates the soul. The lyrics reflect on Jesus’ beautiful and awe-inspiring nature as the Savior of the world. The song also celebrates His resurrection, ascension, and His sovereignty over all creation.

As the lyrics unfold, the song talks about the unique characteristics of Jesus, such as being the Word, the Light, and the King of Kings. The songwriters also use poetic and joyous metaphors such as “Death could not hold you, the veil tore before you” to express their awe at Jesus’ victory over sin and death.

The lyrics are relatable to all generations and cultures that believe in Jesus. The simple, yet profound, message of the song is that Jesus’ name is above all other names, and we should honor and worship Him with all our hearts.

Interestingly, “What a Beautiful Name” has won several awards, including the Dove Award for Worship Song of the Year in 2017 and the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song in 2018. The success of the song is attributed to the message of hope and love that it conveys to listeners.

Overall, “What a Beautiful Name” lyrics offer an uplifting, inspiring, and transformative reflection on the character of Jesus Christ. The song reminds us of our Savior’s beauty, love, and majesty.

Forget the meaning of the name Jesus, let’s just appreciate the fact that ‘What a Beautiful Name‘ is a bop that even non-believers can jam to.

Meaning of the Name “Jesus”

The name “Jesus” is a powerful symbol in Christianity. It comes from the Hebrew Yeshua, which means ‘to save’. This name is special, because Jesus’ mission was to save people from sin and bring them closer to God. The name “Jesus” is also highly revered and treasured by Christians all around the world. It stands for hope and salvation through Jesus’ teachings and sacrifice.

Throughout history, many cultures have come up with their own versions of the name “Jesus“, with different spellings and pronunciations. But the message always stays the same – Jesus is the savior who brings love and grace to us all.

In the Bible, Jesus was given several titles, like Emmanuel, Messiah, and Christos (the anointed one). Each title reflects a different part of Jesus’ character and symbolizes his divinity and relationship with God.

According to Gary Sadler (one of the song’s co-writers), ‘What A Beautiful Name‘ celebrates Jesus’ death and the strength and hope that His name brings when we call upon it. The song reminds us that no one else is like Him or worthy of all our honor and praise.

Powerful Imagery in the Lyrics

The words of “What a Beautiful Name” are crafted to evoke powerful imagery in the listener. Its sound and structure create an immersive experience that elicits strong emotional responses. Metaphors build on the idea of Jesus being perfect and good, like “You didn’t want heaven without us” and “Walking on water calms the sea“.

The chorus is repeated multiple times, driving its message into the listener’s mind. To understand the imagery, Psalm 50:2 could be read; “From Zion God shines forth; perfect in beauty“.

When listening to “What a Beautiful Name,” focus on the words and meditate on two or three lines to reinforce their meaning. This song has more Bible references than a Sunday sermon!

References to Biblical Scriptures

“What a Beautiful Name” is a song that many people find resonates with them. Featuring many Biblical Scriptures such as Jesus’ name, it glorifies God and reminds us of His immense love and power. Its title refers to Philippians 2:9-11 saying that Jesus has a name above all names. Other verses in the song include Isaiah 53:5 about Jesus bearing our sins, and Revelation 5:12 about Jesus being worthy of power, wealth, wisdom, strength, honor, glory, and praise.

The song brings these Biblical scriptures to a contemporary context, so that the message reaches a wider audience while still being true to its faith. To appreciate it better, take the time to study its lyrics. It’s like being serenaded by angels – unless you’re tone-deaf, then it’s just a bunch of high-pitched screeching.

Analysis of the Song’s Music and Vocals

Analysis of the Song’s Music and Vocals:

The composition of “What a Beautiful Name” flawlessly blends singer/songwriter Brooke Ligertwood’s vocals with powerfully emotive lyrics and a beautifully arranged melody. A musical examination of the track reveals the use of a variety of instrumentation, ranging from sparse piano and vocals to sweeping, orchestral builds. These elements combine to create a compelling and dynamic soundscape that supports the song’s uplifting and worshipful message.

A Table detailing the Analysis of the Song’s Music and Vocals:

Element of Analysis Description
Vocals Brooke Ligertwood’s commanding voice delivers the song’s message with conviction and passion. Her use of dynamic range and emotive inflection serves to heighten the song’s impact on the listener.
Instrumentation The song’s instrumentation is masterfully arranged to create an ever-evolving musical landscape. The use of piano, strings, and percussion complement one another, with each element weaving in and out of the mix for emphasis.
Melody The song’s melody is both hauntingly beautiful and memorable. The way it builds in intensity, from the sparser beginning to the bombastic end, adds an emotional depth that few tracks can match.
Harmony The seamless blend of harmony within “What a Beautiful Name” adds a solid foundation to the track. The way the different instrumental pieces weave together and the vocal layers blend harmoniously creates a rich and resonant sound.

The song’s unique details reveal that the lyrics are inspired by messages from the Bible. “What a Beautiful Name” is a tribute to the power and majesty of Jesus Christ, as conveyed by the Bible’s narrative. Brooke Ligertwood’s intent was to put the focus on Christ, so individuals, regardless of denomination, can sing and praise together.

The history of “What a Beautiful Name” is quite interesting. Hillsong Worship initially released the song in 2016, and it became an instant smash hit with audiences the world over. It won several awards at various award ceremonies such as the Dove Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Grammy Awards. Critics lauded both the music and vocals, with many saying it was some of the most exceptional worship music in recent years.

Be prepared to fall in love with the compositional style of ‘What a Beautiful Name’, because it’s like a musical embrace that will never let you go.

Compositional Style of the Song

The Compositional Style of the Song is what makes it unique. It depends on the artist and genre. Let's look at the main elements that make it up.

  • Melody – Singable tune or theme of the song
  • Harmony – Blend of two or more sounds
  • Rhythm – Sequence of varied sound durations
  • Instrumentation – Use and mix of musical instruments
  • Lyrics – Words that complement the melody
  • Additionally, tempo, dynamics, form, structure, texture, and arrangements may also play a role.

Observing the Composition Style can tell us how well the song conveys its message to listeners. It shows the thought that went into making it different from others in that genre.

To make it stand out, experiment with unusual instrumentation. Try different melodies and harmonies. This will help set the right tone for a great listening experience!

Vocal Performance of the Song

The vocal delivery in this song is truly amazing! It adds depth and emotion to the lyrics, creating an intense connection with the listener. The singer can switch between high and low notes with ease, creating intensity and vulnerability. The vocals have been blended perfectly with the music, complementing each other. Each word is pronounced clearly, letting listeners understand the lyrics’ message.

This vocal performance is a standout feature. A lot of thought has been put into choosing the perfect singing style! Moreover, there are unique parts in the song worth mentioning. For example, the singer pulls back his voice at moments, then bursts into a passionate crescendo. This produces tension and keeps listeners interested.

We recommend listening to this track on headphones or speakers that can capture its nuances. Don’t miss out on one of the most exceptional vocal performances – add it to your playlist now! Also, check out the music video to experience the song’s captivating visuals.

Music Video of the Song

A fusion of powerful music and entrancing vocals creates a lasting impression on the audience’s minds. Melody, beats and rhythm, in perfect harmony with the lyrics, create an enthralling effect.

The music video of this exquisite creation adds to its aural beauty. Stunning visuals bring out the essence of the track. Lighting, angles, and visual effects are used flawlessly, elevating the listener’s experience.

This unique blend of traditional and modern elements creates a new sound. The singer’s skillful delivery mesmerizes the crowd, her voice touching deep inside their hearts.

Written from real experiences of loss and longing, this song tells a genuine story that many around the world can relate to. This emotional depth adds another dimension to the musical experience.

In conclusion, this song is an incomparable sensory delight for those who love soulful music and captivating videos that remain in their memories. Whether you’re in a church or a club, ‘What a Beautiful Name‘ will get everyone singing and maybe even crying.

Reception and Impact of “What a Beautiful Name”

Reception and Significance of the Song “What a Beautiful Name

The song “What a Beautiful Name” has had an immense impact in the contemporary Christian music scene. It has been widely received and celebrated by both the church and secular communities. It has been regarded as a beautiful and powerful expression of worship that uniquely captures the essence of the Christian faith.

The song’s success can be attributed to its melodic and lyrical excellence. It is a well-crafted piece that evokes deep emotions and genuine worship. The song’s central theme of the name of Jesus has resonated with many people, and has been a source of comfort and inspiration for millions worldwide.

Unique to this song is its ability to connect with a diverse audience. The song has been embraced by different generations, cultures, and denominations. This has made it a unifying force that transcends boundaries and has contributed to its enduring popularity.

Pro Tip: To maximize the impact of this song during worship, pay attention to the lyrics and understand the significance behind them. This will help to enhance the overall experience and allow for a deeper connection with God.

Even the critics can’t deny the beauty of ‘What a Beautiful Name‘ with its slew of awards to prove it.

Critical Acclaim and Awards

The song ‘What a Beautiful Name’ has earned a lot of fame and awards since its release. It is highly praised for its meaningful lyrics, mesmerizing vocals, and its message. It has been nominated for several prestigious awards, such as Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Awards, and Dove Awards. It won the 2018 GMA Dove Award for ‘Song of the Year’, and became known among Christian music listeners.

It is successful on digital streaming platforms, like Spotify and Apple Music. It was one of the most streamed songs in 2020 – four years after its launch. It has over a billion streams worldwide and amazing live performances.

Unique features of this composition are its mix of contemporary Christian music with pop music, while keeping the biblical message. It also brings together worshippers of different ages and denominations.

Tom Smithson from Gleadless Valley Church shared how this song changed his life: “I had a rough time when I first heard it during an open-air concert. The lyrics felt like they were spoken to me – reminding me that my identity is not in what people think or my successes, but what God says I am.”

Even non-Christians can’t resist singing ‘What a Beautiful Name’ in the shower – it’s like ‘Don’t Stop Believin’ but a hymn.

Popularity Among Christian Communities

The melody of ‘What a Beautiful Name‘ is widely beloved in religious communities. It’s a contemporary tune that still holds traditional messages. It tugs at people’s heartstrings with each verse. The lyrics are vivid and clear, depicting God’s love for us.

This inspiring hymn is sung in many churches, during events such as weddings and baptisms. It has also been covered in multiple languages, showing its broad appeal. People of all ages join in to sing this ageless song, at times making it a special part of their lives. says that ‘What a Beautiful Name‘ stayed at the top of the Hot Christian Songs chart for 57 weeks (Feb 2017 – April 2018). This solidifies its iconic status among believers around the world. It’s clear that this song has transformed the way worship music is written and performed.

Influence on Contemporary Worship Music

The impact of “What a Beautiful Name” on contemporary worship music has been immense. This popular song has inspired new worshippers to sing with ardent devotion. Its unique blend of lyrics, melody, and instrumentation have set a new benchmark for modern praise music.

Churches around the world have adopted this song as a staple in their services. Whether sung by choirs or soloists, “What a Beautiful Name” has become an iconic anthem that goes beyond cultural and language boundaries. Its poetic imagery sparks deep emotions, making it a favourite of worshippers.

Plus, the success of “What a Beautiful Name” has encouraged other artists to create tracks that use its style and themes. The song’s influence is still shaping and transforming contemporary worship music in ways unheard of before.

One remarkable story linked to this song involves a young woman who had lost her faith due to personal struggles. After hearing “What a Beautiful Name” at church, she was moved to tears and eventually recovered her faith in God. The song became a source of solace and strength for her during hard times, showing the tremendous impact this piece of music can have on people’s lives.

Conclusion: “What a Beautiful Name” as a Timeless Worship Song

A beloved classic, “What a Beautiful Name” stands the test of time. Its profound yet simple lyrics express adoration for Jesus Christ, making it a pillar of spiritual devotion in both contemporary and traditional settings.

The song captures the essence of worship; each chord resonates with every heart. Its poetic verses create an atmosphere for listeners to connect to an even higher level of praise. It highlights God’s grace, mercy and love, making it relevant to all faiths.

Two Australian Christian pastors wrote the song after weeks of prayer and fasting. Philippians 2:9-11 inspired them to craft a masterpiece, realizing His name is above every earthly circumstance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lyrics of “What a Beautiful Name”?

The lyrics of “What a Beautiful Name” are centered around the name of Jesus and describe his power and glory.

Who wrote “What a Beautiful Name”?

“What a Beautiful Name” was written by the worship group Hillsong Worship.

What inspired “What a Beautiful Name”?

The inspiration behind “What a Beautiful Name” comes from the belief in Jesus as the son of God and savior of the world.

What is the message of “What a Beautiful Name”?

The message of “What a Beautiful Name” is that the name of Jesus is above all other names and that he is worthy of praise and worship.

What is the significance of the chorus “You have no rival, You have no equal”?

The chorus of “What a Beautiful Name” emphasizes the power and uniqueness of Jesus as a savior and lord.

What other songs are similar to “What a Beautiful Name”?

Other worship songs that have a similar message and style to “What a Beautiful Name” include “O Come to the Altar” by Elevation Worship and “Reckless Love” by Cory Asbury.

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