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What Continent is America in?

What Continent does America Belong to?

America is two continents – North and South. These lands are part of the Western Hemisphere. North America consists of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. South America is made up of Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, and more.

These two continents have a long past and varied culture. Once upon a time, they were one continent. It was called Pangea. After millions of years, it drifted apart into the different continents we know today.

Amerigo Vespucci discovered land in the new world in 1500 CE. Before this, many thought North America was part of Asia and South America was part of Africa.

North America offers a great mix of stunning views and tasty food. But you might still complain about the portion size!

North America

To understand North America with its Geographical Location and Countries that Constitute North America, you need to read on. This section explores the vastness of the continent and the countries that lie within it. Geographical Location and Countries that Constitute North America are the two sub-sections that will help you comprehend the continent in a better light.

Geographical Location of North America

North America: A continent located in the Northern Hemisphere. Spanning from the Arctic Ocean in the north, to the Caribbean Sea and Panama Canal in the south. Atlantic Ocean to its east and Pacific Ocean to its west. It encompasses Greenland, Canada, USA, Mexico and other smaller countries.

Coordinates: Latitude 7°N to 83°N, Longitude 15°W to 169°E. Topography ranging from vast plains, to dense forests, rugged mountains to coastal regions with sandy beaches.

Unique: Home to diverse ecosystems. Bald eagles, beavers, redwoods and saguaro cacti. 500 million people inhabit North America, epitome of progress and technology. Hollywood to Silicon Valley, cultural opportunities and modern-day infrastructure.

Explore: Spend a lifetime exploring what North America has to offer. Start planning your next trip today! A landmass of peace and progress. Where Canada and Mexico coexist peacefully, while the US is still figuring out how to spell ‘neighbour’.

Countries that Constitute North America

The North American Region consists of many countries. We’ll learn all about them!

  • Canada has vast landscapes and wilderness.
  • Mexico is alive with culture and beaches.
  • The United States is renowned for its diversity and iconic landmarks.
  • Greenland is known for its icy beauty.
  • Saint Pierre And Miquelon was colonized by the French in the 1700s.
  • Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory with pink sand beaches and shipwrecks.

Each country has its own special history, culture and geography. For example, Canada has tundras and Mexico’s cuisine is famous. When you explore North America, take advantage of its many attractions – such as whale watching in Canada or surfing in Hawaii. Lastly, don’t forget about South America – especially the Amazon River and the rainforest, as well as the delicious empanadas!

South America

To learn about South America, its geographical location, and the countries that make it up, read on. Discover the highlights of South America’s location and the diversity of countries it consists of in two sub-sections.

Geographical Location of South America

South America is located in the southern hemisphere, between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It’s east of Central America and made up of 12 countries – Brazil, Argentina, and Chile being the most well-known.

Latitude: 12.4° N–37.8° S. Longitude: 34.8° W–81.1° W. Total area: 17,840,000 square kilometers – the 4th largest continent.

The Amazon covers 40% of the region. It’s one of the world’s most extensive ecosystems, with amazing biodiversity. The Andes are on the west – they stretch across 7 countries. Plus, the Atacama desert lies in Peru and Chile, covering around 1000 km.

Columbus ‘discovered’ South America on August 1st, 1498. Later, Simon Bolivar liberated many South American countries from Spanish colonial rule, uniting them in Gran Colombia before they declared independence.

South America: All different flavors of spicy salsa, coming together to make one delicious continent.

Countries that Constitute South America

South America is a continent of shared history, language and culture. It is home to countries like: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Ecuador. Each have their own unique personalities, but together they create a vibrant tapestry.

The people, cuisine, music, dance, art, architecture, and landscape come together to form a unique mix of cultures. These ingredients combine to create an exclusive blend of traditions and beliefs. South America is unlike any other place in the world!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity – explore South America today! Book a trip to one or more countries to experience its mysteries and beauty firsthand. North America has Hollywood, South America has the real drama!

Difference Between North and South America

North and South America are in different hemispheres, with different climates, cultures and histories. North America is in the north, South America in the south.

We’ve made a table to show our readers some of the differences between North and South America. It includes location, population, biggest city, official languages, currency and time zones.

Geographically speaking, North America is in the Northern Hemisphere and most of South America in the Southern Hemisphere. Also, North America has more English speakers than French and Spanish, which are common in South America.

A study by the World Bank data indicators shows North America has an eight times higher GDP than South America.

Two continents with such big differences living peacefully together – it’s amazing!
Now we know which continent America belongs to…next mystery: who put pineapple on pizza?!


America is a confusing topic. It’s often referred to as two continents – North and South America. But, it’s also seen as one landmass. This is because the land is geologically connected at its narrowest part. However, the traditional view is that North and South America are split by the Panama Canal. So, it can be seen as two separate continents.

Both have a lot of diversity – culture, language, geography, climate. Plus, many indigenous communities live there – from Canada to Argentina. Knowing these differences is important when discussing America.

The term “America” only related to the US in 1507, when cartographer Martin Waldseemuller used it. This context helps people appreciate why others view America differently. But, it all comes back to one thing – ancient and modern times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What continent is America in?
A: America is in the continent of North America and South America.

Q: Is America a country or a continent?
A: America is a continent, but the United States of America is a country located in North America.

Q: What countries make up North America?
A: North America includes Canada, the United States, and Mexico, as well as several other smaller countries.

Q: What countries make up South America?
A: South America includes countries such as Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and many others.

Q: Does America include the Caribbean?
A: The Caribbean islands are not part of North or South America, but they are considered to be part of the Latin American region.

Q: Why is America divided into North and South?
A: America is divided into North and South for geographical and historical reasons. The two regions have distinct cultures, ecosystems, and histories that have shaped their development over time.

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